Yúshēng ceremony in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu


The 5 Star Hotel, Marco Polo, held it’s annual Chinese New Year last 23rd of January prepared a six feet wide and a total weight of  80 Kilos for the ceremony.

Yusheng or Yee Sang is an appetizer salad dish serve during Chinese new year as it symbolizes increase in abundance, prosperity and good fortune. (see Yee Sang’s ingredient meaning) The dish was  made of  salmon, shredded carrots, peanuts, pomelo , white radish, plum sauce, sesame , cucumber, fish fillet and crackers .


Before the Lo Hei (the ceremony of tossing) of the Yee Sang,  the firecrackers were lit by  Governor Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Fiel Garcia, Marco Polo Plaza General Manager  Johannes ‘Hans’ Hauri with Cebu entrepreneurs.

Drums played while the firecrackers set off and dotted the eyes of the new born lions to awaken the spirits.

The lobby was field with a huge number of guests while a traditional lion dance was performed to bring luck and fortune.

As the lions rest… An inspirational message was given by the General Manager of Marco Polo, Hans Hauri.

Then, the ceremony begun.

The plum sauce and the sesame oil were poured in the Yee Sang by Gov. Gwen how to get viagra over the counter Garcia, General Manager Hans Hauri together with the Cebu entrepreneurs.

Followed by the Lo Hei or the tossing.

Since the Yee Sang was huge, ordinary chopsticks cannot do the full toss so they used a meter and a half stick just enough to do the toss.

The night wouldn’t be complete without the special guests;

 Samuel Choison of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, . Marguerite Lhuillier,  Greg and  Agnes Huettel and  Bo Hauri.

E-Marketing Manger  Yumny Mariot of Maco Polo Plaza, Director of Communications and Marketing
Norman Ymbong of Isotrya.net,  Manager of Public Relations & Marketing
Joy T. Uy of Cafe Elysa Cebu, Entrepreneur Stephen Aznar of Cafe Elysa Cebu, Protocol Officer Ronald Conopio of the office of the  Cebu Governor and Revenue Marketing Jude Pangan of Marco Polo Plaza (Photo grabbed from Ron Conopio’s page).

Station Manager Ann Marie Tan of GMA TV Cebu, Director of Sales & Marketing
Lara Constantino-Scarrow of Marco Polo Plaza and Tri-media personality
Bobby ‘Super Bob’ Nalzaro of GMA TV Cebu.

Special thanks to (with) Orly Cajegas And  Jude Pangan. 🙂




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