In 2011, had a poll on which Cebu Lechon house serves the most delicious roasted pig. By the end of the casting of votes, CnT emerged to be on the top of the list, not far behind are Rico’s Lechon and Chona’s Lechon.

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Just recently, Cebu’s lechon is trending online due to an e-article by a major TV network on a famous Cebu lechon brand and described it as “Cebu favorite.”(Edited 2 Feb 2017. Thanks Zelina Rae Danao for calling my attention about ‘s) Read original article HERE.  Many netizens have reacted negatively to the post.

And to clarify, yes there’s a difference in meaning when you say Cebu Favorite and Cebu’s Favorite. As Mr. Carlo Borromeo mentioned on his facebook status: 
The article says “Cebu favorite”. That is not the same as “Cebu’s favorite”.”Cebu favorite” means a Cebu-based establishment enjoying good patronage by certain Cebuanos (which it does). “Cebu’s favorite” means a unanimous decision. The fact that everyone has their own favorite means there isn’t one that’s universally accepted.”

Ultimately,  we still want to know what Cebu’s favorite lechon is, so let’s do a poll on which Lechon house is Cebu’s favorite. And of course we can’t get a unanimous decision on this one, so let’s see who gets the most votes. Game mo mga Cebuanos? Cast your votes now!

Voting for your favorite lechon brand ends on Valentines Day, February 14, 2017.

To validate your vote, please enter a working email address. Only one vote per email address is allowed. Don’t worry I won’t send you any spam email, or give out your info to any third party institution.

And if you choose to tick on the option, “Others,” please state the lechon house/brand.

Cebu lechon is LOVE!