From Waterfront Hotel Cebu’s Mediterranean outlet’s new pizza flavors to the hotel’s new pastry chef, iLuvCebu will keep you updated on exciting dining news at the Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Hotel Cebu.

La Gondola’s New Pizza Flavors

La Gondola‘s well-loved love signature wood-fired-clay-oven thin crust pizza has five new flavors – Lechon , Chorizo, Adobong Squid , Smoke Fish  and Grilled Vegetable. Cebuanos just adore lechon and chorizo, and La Gondola’s idea of putting ’em on their pizzas is genius! This is a great way to inculcate Cebuano flavors to a Italian favorite that would surely be appreciated by domestic tourists and  international guests alike. Try out these new pizza flavors at La Gondola for PhP249+ to PhP349+ a pie .

La Gondola



Waterfront Hotel Cebu welcomes a New Executive Pastry Chef

Frenchman Chef Benoit Laboureux will delight hotel guests and diners with his sweet creations exclusively for the hotel’s dining outlets. Still less than a month in Waterfront Hotel Cebu’s kitchen, Chef Benoit has already added a few of his favorite dessert recipes on the hotel’s coffee, bread and pastry shop – Madeleine! Love those Lemon Squares by the way! ^_^

Chef Benoit



Visit Gourmet Walk at the West Wing of The Waterfront Hotel Cebu to sample these new offerings and indulge in a gastronomic indulgence!