Restaurant: U Kitchen

Address:  Laguna Culinary Center Bldg., Veterans Drive corner Torralba Sts., Lahug, Cebu City

Food: Asian Cuisine

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Telephone Number: (032) 268 3627.


U Kitchen ( photo from A.List Possibilities)

Known for their traditional Filipino fare, Laguna Group now opens their latest venture, U Kitchen, whose menu leans towards Asian cuisine.  It’s predecessors Cafe Laguna, Laguna Express, Lemongrass and Laguna Catering have been a favorite amongst us Cebuanos, and with the same passion and commitment but with it’s own identity, U Kitchen would yet be another Cebuano favorite!

It’s really the same concept as our local pogon, and with U Kitchen, we want to prove that you can do more than just pizzas with a wood-fired oven,” shares Chef Raki Urbina. The use of of Italian wood-fired oven makes U.Kitchen different from the swarm of Asian restaurants in town.

The “U” in U. Kitchen stands for Urbina, the family behind it. U Kitchen is a restaurant run by a family and thus it is no surprise that it intends to honor the many other families that make up the Cebuano community. Chef Raki shares, “Cebuanos have such a strong sense of clan culture and we want to celebrate that by featuring heirloom recipes from various families in Cebu.” was lucky enough to foretaste some of their offerings a week before today, their opening day! Let me run you through guys with some of what I had that gastronomic day!

Skewered Quails

U. Kitchen‘s Pugo or skewered quails is one of their specialties. I bet you are now wondering how it taste? haha. It seriously is good -the meat texture is just like a chicken wing and it’s flavor , well infused with the meat. It would definitely be a finger- lickin moment. 🙂


U Kitchen's Signature Drink

U Kitchen’s Signature Drink. I am a fan of signature drinks and this one just added up on my list of favorites. It’s clean and refreshing taste is a great thirst quencher anytime of the day.

Pork belly miso roast

Pork Belly Miso Roast, one of the house’s specialty, is definitely going to be the dish I am  looking forward to the most in having on my next visit. Flavorful in every bite!

Teapot soup

U. Kitchen Teapot soup. It tasted to me like a lighter with a cleaner taste version of the Japanese Mis0 soup.

The list of interesting dishes goes on. So be sure to check U Kitchen out soon!

Laksa berde

Pako (fern) salad


And a meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert, would you agree? U Kitchen just made me happy with desserts that are classic and a few, let’s just say REEAAAALLLY intriguing. 🙂


Totong and Mango


Curry Ice Cream


Try them out during the weekend and tell us what you think?  Til our next piggin out session guys! ^_^