With Philippine Airlines daily flights from Manila to Shanghai, it’s easier to book a trip to this vibrant city on your preferred dates. The world’s most populous city, Shanghai is rapidly growing – busy and hectic. It’s one the most  intriguing  urban destinations I’ve been to.

With my Chinese Visa approved (big thanks to Southwind Travel and Tours for the hassle-free visa assistance), I started packing for a 4-day Shanghai shopping escapade. Though I was planning to throw just a few stuff on my checked-in baggage, it got a little lumpy with a set of winter clothes I rolled at the sides of my luggage. 🙂

Thursday Flyday! Hopped on PR2846 flight to Manila with my new found friends from  the metro’s travel agencies and then took the 3.5 hour PR336 flight to Pudong Shanghai! 

Shanghai airport 7


Really good meals are served on Philippine Airlines International flights. (Meals vary from each flight)

Shanghai airport 11

On our final descend to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, I got a sneak peak of the city I am about to explore and I was thrilled even more.

Shanghai airport 10


And as we landed and disembarked, I notice how sexy Shanghai Pudong International Airport is! Those flirtatious curves are just foxy and fine, but retaining a class and elegant marking.

The Chinese immigration welcomed me to the Shanghai, grabbed my luggage and hopped into the bus to our hotel. And now am off to explore the city of Shanghai!

Shanghai Airport 12


The Departure and Boarding Areas:

Passport, check! Ticket, check! Now am ready to check in for my flight back to the Philippines. It was a short shopping affair in Shanghai but will definitely be back. And now am back at the slinky Shanghai Pudong International Airport, ready to board PR337 flight back to Manila.  ’til the next one!

Shanghai Airport 1


Shnaghai Airport 2



Shanghai Airport 3


Shanghai airport 6


Shanghai Airport 4

Shanghai Airport 13