19 August 2020 – Caltex Havoline, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI, today unveiled a new generation of four-stroke motorcycle and scooter engine oils that maximizes engine performance and delivers smooth engine operation on all road conditions. The new product line for motorcycles and scooters includes fully synthetic and mineral products formulated with Havoline’s signature C.O.R.E + Technology and ZoomTech.

All Havoline Super 4T and SuperMatic 4T four-stroke motorcycle and scooter engine oils now come with the upgraded C.O.R.E. + , Caltex’s most advanced and best performing formulation C.O.R.E. Technology is an improvement over the previous version and further addresses key concerns especially in stressful traffic conditions. These engine oils deliver more enjoyable riding experience with enhanced engine performance and cleaning properties.

The entire Havoline Super 4T and SuperMatic 4T range also meets American Petroleum Institute (API) SN, one of the latest specifications in the industry, meeting specifications that ensures increased high temperature deposits protection for pistons, better wear control, and improved sludge control in urban, stop-and-go riding conditions.

Caltex Havoline tailors an engine oil strong enough to stand up to the challenging conditions faced on a daily basis, including lack of acceleration when carrying heavy loads and high engine temperatures while stuck in traffic. Reliability is a key concern, as downtime and money spent on repairs are unnecessary inconveniences.

C.O.R.E. + Technology Cleans and protects, Oxidation stability, Reduces engine heat damage, and Sludge control properties, especially in urban, stop-go conditions.

Visit the nearest Caltex station to power up your motorcycles and scooters today with the new Caltex Havoline!
For more information about Caltex Havoline and about Caltex, you may visit their official Caltex FB Page here.