Cebu, and the Philippines, takes pride in its mangoes as it is one of the world’s best tasting mangoes. Dubbed as the Philippine’s National fruit, the Philippine mangoes are juicy and sour when green and unripe and then they turn to bright sunshiny yellow when ripe and are lusciously sweet and juicy!

Mango Tour


Dried mangoes are one of Cebu’s top products that tourists bring home to their country when visiting, bringing with them a sweet slice of Cebu to their country. Did you know that 80% of the exports of dried mangoes from our country is owned by a Cebuano company? Profood International Corporation has been the leading exporter of dried mangoes and other fruit preserves  for 2 decades now, exporting to more than 50 countires worldwide. And with that achievement, Profood International Corporation shares to everyone how mangoes are grown, harvested, dried and processed to world class standards and in the process, also get to know the history and the products it offers and how these products are made through exhibits and a factory tour.

Mango Museum

Mango Museum

Mango Museum


Mango Museum

Mango Museum – Some of Profood Int. Corp’s products worldwide

Mango Museum – Set made from mango seeds

Mango Museum – Set made from mango seeds


The Mango Factory Tour would show how the fruits are chosen,prepared, ripen and packed at world class standards.

Mango Tour


During the Mango tour, you’d get an overview of how the fruits are selected, peeled, sliced and packed.





The Profood Gallery Giftshoppe is the last stop for the tour, where get to buy Profood products at discounted prices.

Profood Gallery Giftshoppe


The Mango Tour would make you appreciate Philippine mangoes more as they are not loved just locally but worldwide, making you a prouder Cebuano and Filipino. 🙂


So how to book a tour? It’s easy!

Book your Mango tour here:


The tour fee is at 200php for each adult. Students and kids below 12 years old at 100php.  (See terms and conditions on the link)

How to get to there? Just follow this map:

Profood Map


Profood Gallery Giftshoppe:

Address: V. Albano Street, Maguikay, Mandaue Cebu City

Tel. No.: 63-32-520-9349 | 63-32-346-1228 local 301


From the Mango Museum, here’s some of our favorite Mango packaging from other countries.

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