Club: The Loft

Address: 2nd Floor, CJRS, Asiatown IT Park, 6000 Cebu City

Operating Hours:  Mon-Thurs 6:00pm-12:00am

Fri -Sat        6:00pm -4:00am

Payment Options: Cash/Card

Type of Dining: Casual Dining

Food: International Cuisine


Last week, I had the privilege of sitting down and dining with 4 great people – Chef Moreno Benigno – Chef Manager of Giuseppe,  two of Cebu’s top food writers Jigs Arquiza of The Sunstar and Dr. Nestor Alonzo of the Freeman and of course our host and club owner Charles Osmena. Well, these people are like at the top of their games and I felt like a noob sitting with them on the Chef’s table. But as per Sir Jigs Arquiza, I am the best Cebu food blogger he knows – so like a boss, I dined with them! haha. 😛


With the finest ingredients, Chef Moreno, together with Giuseppe, creates great Sicilian cuisine at The Loft! Chef Moreno shares a bit of what his country is about with the food he prepares to every guest dining at the newly renovated The Loft.


Appetizers at The Loft

Looks great right? Wait til u have a taste! 😉 Fresh and fine ingredients, just awesome! Well, with such a delectable first course,what’s coming next just makes you feel giddy!

Salmon Carpaccio with Arugula and cheese and truffle sauce

Alas! My friends know that I love Arugula and when this was served, It was like angels’ trumpets were playing, but of course I have to keep my cool so I calmly watched the waiter set it on the table, I took a few shots and booom! HAHA. And the dinner made me really happy for I am on a low carbo, high fiber/protein diet. ^_^ Thin slices of  Salmon/Salmon Carpaccio with  the fresh arugula, cheese slices and a dash of truffle sauce – the flavor – starts with a sweet sour taste from the truffle sauce, then the arugula’s semi bitter taste blends with the fresh salmon carpaccio and lightly salty cheese. Highly recommended, a must try! Well, for those who love bitter-ish greens, at least. 🙂


Polenta With Bolognese

Polenta is a coarsely or finely ground yellow or white cornmeal.  Polenta is a famous farm dish/ peasant food in Europe as corn is one of the top crops grown and is topped with herring or salted anchovies and maybe some sauces.Chef Moreno recreates a Sicilian dish by forming a loaf from Polenta and then adds bolognese sauce on top.

Roast pork Tenderloin


Roast Pork Tenderloin was so smooth and tender it melts in your mouth, seriously! And a twist that surprisingly blended well with the tenderloin is the tuna sauce.


aglio olio pepperoncino al bottarga

Simple yet really good! One of my favorites during the Loft dinner, classic! – Aglio Olio Pepperoncino al bottarga



Couscous is among the healthiest grains. ^_^ Not to mention a good source of protein. Healthy and delizioso!

Bruschetta Tartufo

Rich and flavorful paste on top goes well with the bruschetta and with the truffle sauce and salsa – perfect!

Costolette Di Agnello

Baaaaah, here comes the lamb! Tender meat with a light tasty sauce with potatoes, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers. This one, is my ultimate Loft favorite! – Coslette Di Agnello



Push deeply until you reach the bottom, that’s how you spoon a tiramisu! ^_^ Yum!


Wines and grapa were served. Unfortunately I can only consume a little bit of alcohol- low alcohol tolerance here ,boohoo. Yeah i know i know, am such a flimsy drinker! hehe.


Great food and learned so much about food and European culture from the people at the chef’s table that dinner. To Chef Moreno, Charles, Sir Jigs and Dr. Alonzo, Grazie molte!


And to everyone, until next week’s piggin out session! Together, let’s pig out and be merry! ^_^ And be sure to check out The Loft’s offerings when you guys get a chance to drop by! 😉