Plastic bags are estimated to remain in the environment for 450 years to forever, and a trillion shopping bags is used yearly worldwide. Our planet would be covered in plastic in no time if we continue with our ways.

We have been comfortable using single-use shopping bags when buying the groceries, single-use straws for our ice cold drinks and milk teas, and the convenience of grabbing a bottled water when we are thirsty. And this very convenience is contributing to killing our earth.

Cebu Pacific (CEB) introduces “Juan Effect” program  that advocates responsible travel and environmental protection last 31 July 2018, and shifted to recyclable, eco-friendly utensils for all its flights starting October 1. CEB urges travelers to participate too in the program by pledging in changing at least one habit daily to diminish the impact of tourist arrivals on the environment.

“We want to cut down on our use of non-recyclable plastic to only what is necessary, and are committed to rolling out more initiatives to help protect our planet and ensure that we operate sustainably,” Lance Gokongwei CEB president and chief executive officer said.

The Juan Effect

We can take baby steps and pledge to throwing our trash properly, bringing of ecobag and water bottle daily and even when we travel. These simple acts can greatly pony up in preserving the beauty of our country and support a movement that can be beneficial to all. You can learn and pledge by visiting