Many of us who get our cup of caffeine from coffee shops are used to having it prepared with the use of an espresso machine. With its precision, our taste buds are now very much accustomed to each shot – its acidity, notes and taste. One of the coffee houses that originated in the not-so-little little town of Maribago in Lapu-lapu City, The Civet Coffee has now opened its third branch, a venue much closer to everybody who lives in the city of Cebu, and is serving coffee in four ways!


Sweet, smokey-chocolatey aroma envelopes the maiden outlet three times a week during roasting. The main branch in Maribago supplies the beans that are used in all coffee-based beverages made in the other two coffee outlets – Mactan Newtown and their newest branch in Skyrise 4, I.T. Park.  What’s noteworthy  about The Civet Coffee is that the cafe uses 100% local organic coffee beans, and its remarkable smoky flavor is ascribed to the beans being roasted with charcoal. To set the record straight, The Civet Coffee uses barako, arabica and dutch coffee beans on the coffee-based beverages on the menu, not the civet coffee beans; by request, the cafe serves the specialty civet cup on a 30% civet – 70% barako/dutch beans ratio for Php590 a cup.



For coffee explorers and enthusiasts, trying out coffee prepared in different ways is an exciting experience. And The Civet Coffee might have the right thrill for you, as your caffeine cup is prepared either with an espresso machine, an aeropress, slow drip method or the chemex method.

Civet Coffee Cebu, civet coffee IT Park

Chemex Method

We are all familiar with the espresso machine and how coffee is made using it. Aeropress, on the other hand, is the manual version of the machine. The method ideally produces the same coffee taste in terms of body and acidity as with the espresso machine.

Slow drip method is an aparatus that uses a valve that you can adjust for drip speed, water is released over the top of the bed of coffee grounds, which will travel, drop by drop, into the coffee, eventually saturating the grounds and ultimately extracting into the lower chamber.  The slow drip method gives out a delicate flavor and light bodied coffee .

A new way of preparing coffee at The Civet Coffee, Chemex is a simple method, where one puts a filter on the apparatus,  coffee grounds is then added and water poured over it. The coffee passes right through the filter and produces a brew that is clean, maintaining a light body and balanced note.

Slow Drip Coffee

Slow Drip Coffee

Recommendations? I personally love The Civet Coffee’s Iced Coffee Mocha, as its chocolatey but has a strong, smokey caffeine kick. Try it with the pastries. You might also want to try the new-on-the-menu tea latte varieties. 🙂



Visit The Civet Coffee‘s third and newest branch at Skyrise 4 Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City. They are open Mondays to Saturdays 7:00AM -3:00AM and on Sundays 7:00AM – 12:00Midnight. And yes, there’s FREE WiFi!