In Tan-awan Oslob Cebu,  whale sharks had been spotted swimming around, playing and even getting along well with the fisher folks. Whale sharks are the largest living fish species that feed on planktons, small squids or vertebras, krills and macro algae. Its behavior towards humans? Whale sharks are quite gentle and divers and snorkelers can swim with the giant fishes without harm , apart from the unintentional hits from the fish’s large tail. (learn more about whale sharks here: ^_^


Tan-awon Oslob is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Cebu City depending on your mode of transportation. If your renting a car/van (renting a car, one way is about 3,000php/ Van one way is around 4,000php), it would take you 2-3.5 hours to get to Oslob. You could also take a VHire from the South VHire Terminal which costs around 250 per person one way and takes you 3 hours to get to Oslob. Another alternative and the cheapest way to get to Oslob is to take Ceres Liner Bus which would take you to Oslob for just 150php for airconditioned buses and  around 90php for the non-airconditioned bus. Frequency of the Ceres bus liners leaving the South bus terminal to Oslob would be every hour for the airconditioned buses and every 30minutes for the non airconditioned buses. Estimated travel time for buses to arrive at Oslob would be 3.5hours.Long trips could sometimes make you dizzy so be sure to bring a mint rub or drink Bonamine to prevent motion sickness and fully enjoy the trip. Just tell the bus/VHire driver that you’ll get off at the Tan-awon whale shark watching. ^_^

In our case, we left Cebu City at 4:00AM on board my friend’s car and arrived at Tan-awon Oslob at around 7:30am. The delay was due to breakfast stop over at Dalaguete Cebu. It was definitely a great day, sunny yet windy – a perfect day to swim. 🙂 The fee for seeing and swimming with the whale sharks is 300php/6.90USD inclusive of round trip  ride in a small boat for 40 minutes.Rash guard and fins are for rent for 100php/2.30USD.If you’re concerned about hygiene, be sure to bring your own rash guard, fins, snorkel set and etc.If you are afraid of the deep deep waters (like me hehe), then bring a life jacket with you. Also don’t forget to bring your first aid kit, some corals are a bit sharp that may cause some small cuts. Also there are jelly fish sightings on the area so better be ready with that vinegar or your preferable first aid for jellyfish stings. hehe.

Though I just discovered that I had fear swimming in the super deep blue sea, it was such a great experience seeing and swimming with the whale sharks at a very very close distance (when I say close it means just an arm away. ^_^.) Definitely would go back soon with a life vest. LOL.




As of  March 21, 2012:  Admission to watching the whale sharks are at 300php and ticketing is from 6-12:30noon. Call 032-4819054. Thanks to Ms. Beth Benologa of Oslob Tourism Office.