Restaurant: Manna SuTuKil

Address: Mactan Shrine, Lapu-lapu City

Telefax: 32-340-6448 / 32- 236-1742

Food:  SuTuKil seafood

Mode of Payment: Cash


Sugba, tula and kilaw or popularly termed in Cebu as SuTuKil is a must experience when visiting the metropolis.  Mactan island having an abundant supply of fresh seafood, offers a wide array of seafood that are enjoyed either sugba/grilled, tula/in broth or kilaw/raw –3 cooking methods we people in Mactan considered our specialty.


Manna Sutukil took part on a 3-day Filipino food trip, S000 Pinoy sponsored by Uniliver Food Solutions and the Department of Tourism. First stop, Manna Sutukil. The traditional SuTuKil experience starts by choosing the seafood yourself, then have them cooked sugba (grilled), tula (simmered in broth) or kilaw (drenched in vinegar). Seafood are priced per kilo. You can dine at the 2nd level and enjoy seaside fresh air or at the 1st level’s air-conditioned dining area.

Manna airconditioned dining area

Started the lunch with the island’s very  popular appetizers, lato and guso. Also served at Manna SuTuKil is Baked Scallops – a personal favorite!



baked scallops

Then for the main course, we had Molmol sugba, Molmol tula, fried shrimp, sweet and sour kubing and chili king crabs. Fresh seafood cooked just when ordered! YUM!

Molmol Sugba


Molmol Tula


Sweet and Sour Kubing


King Crab

Fried Shrimp

Oh I forgot that this is the first stop of our food trip. Buuuuuurp! Am already sooo full! Next stop, Tides Shangri-La Mactan. Read article here: