Sundays at Radisson Blu


Sundays are a day where we relax and enjoy with our family and friends and Radisson Blu offers you a delectable treat every Sunday! Sundays at the Radisson Blu whisks you  away to a world of gastronomic pleasures. Enjoy the relaxing musical performances of a variety of local artists. Enjoy food and wine buffet at Feria and the little ones get to have their own world of excitement at the Blu Kingdom, a function room turned into a play area complete with children’s buffet. And don’t miss the mass at 10:30 at Santa Maria Grand Ballroom.


Sundays at Radisson Blue Hotel Cebu - Blu Kingdom


Sundays at Radisson Blu - Blu Kingdom


Buffet at Feria


Brunch Buffet at Feria


Desserts at Feria


Wine Buffet


Lunch at Feria with friends


Make a reservation by calling (032) 402 9900 or emailing them at

Keep safe everyone – Doyzkie, Reymond and Edd Buenaviaje!