(Post Date: February 2011) It was a gloomy and rainy Saturday morning yet I was excited to enjoy and experience Sumilon! I woke up at 430am and grabbed a pair of board shorts, an extra shirt, a pair of boxers, sunblock and deodorant and slipped it on my camera bag.
Sumilon is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Cebu City depending on your mode of transportation. If your renting a car/van (renting a car, one way is about 2,700php/ Van one way is 4800php), it would take you 2-3.5 hours to get to Oslob which is the jump off point to Sumilon Island. You could also take a VHire from the Southbus Terminal which costs 200 per person one way and takes you 3 hours to get to Oslob. Another alternative and the cheapest way to get to Oslob is to take Ceres Liner Bus which would take you to Oslob for just 90php for airconditioned buses and 45php for the non-airconditioned bus. Frequency of the Ceres bus liners leaving the South bus terminal to Oslob would be every hour for the airconditioned buses and every 30minutes for the non airconditioned buses. Estimated travel time for buses to arrive at Oslob would be 3.5hours.
Long trips could sometimes make you dizzy so be sure to bring a mint rub or drink Bonamine to prevent motion sickness and fully enjoy the trip.
My friends and I,  assembled at SM Northwing Entrance, hopped on the the resort’s van and departed at around 6:30am. If You are taking a day tour, I would advice you to depart Cebu at 5AM so you could have more time to enjoy Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. When we arrived at Bancogon, Oslob, we were greeted with a refreshing ice cold Lemongrass Tea which is native to people in Oslob and a cold herby towel to freshen up after a long ride to the drop off point.

We then waited for a pumpboat(provided by the resort) to transport us to Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. It takes around 15 minutes from the Oslob Drop off point to the beautiful Island of Sumilon!

The 15 minute pumboat ride made me more excited and jumpy more than ever during the whole trip. Though I was wishing the sun would give us hope for a good tan but the sun stayed dark and cloudy.
While storm Jolina is on her full force on the southwest of Visayas, we (on Central visayas) were experiencing stong winds, drizzles and big waves. But it wouldn’t stop us from our excitement in our Sumilon island adventure which was about 8 mins ahead of us.

The pumpdoat toured us around the island giving us a preview of the scenic Sumilon Island. I also took pictures of the Oslob fisherfolks who were fishing. hehe


Our 15 minute pumpboat ride just ended and as we disembark the boat, we were greeted by Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort Staff. It was still gloomy and no sign of Mr. Golden Sun but was still looking forward to all the activities we can do on the island. We then walked our way up to a the Island Pavilion, the resort restaurant, to grab some munchees before we start going around the island.

We munched on a Tuna sandwhich and fries for our mawnin snacks! Yum!

After eating our sumptuous tuna sandwhich, we checked out the room and the facilities of the Island Resort. Sumilon Bluewater Island resort has 14(fourteen) 48sqm rooms which can accomodate 3 guests per room.
Room features a private veranda with lounge chairs, Private toilet and hot and cold shower, mini bar, ceiling fan, WiFi Connection, telephone and airconditioning.
Private Veranda

A private toilet and shower with hot and cold running water
A Mini Bar

After checking out the comfy rooms, we headed back to The Island Pavilion for lunch. Island Pavilion serves a delectable fair of local and international cuisine. We were delighted with a lunch buffet!

After our hefty lunch, Atty. Ethelbert, McBilly and I went to Aquamania to get our snorkel gear and life vest. We then started snorkling and saw some corals and fishes but gave up after 20minutes because waves were big and strong.

We then went to the Lagoon teeming with high mangroves to kayak!

After we took pictures on the mangrove, we then shifted to swimming in the infinity pool and relaxed at the Jacuzzi!

Surrounding the infinity pool are stairs heading down to a “chill cliff” where you can just sit down and enjoy the beautiful sea view and fresh air.

Want a glass of margarita ora shot of tequlia? Order some refreshments and drinks at the bar beside the Island Pavillion.


Chill chairs under the green shades of island trees are perfect when your reading a book, playing favorite games on psp or nintendo ds or even checking your facebook account with the resort’s Wifi connection.

We then went to sand bar, where we spent most of the afternoon enjoying the big waves and the strong winds!


Sumilon sand bar changes shapes and shifts locations around the island depending on the season.

Since the wind was strong and waves were getting bigger due to tropical depression, we headed back to the infinity pool and enjoyed the last few hours of our day tour swimming.
It was 5pm and its time to pack up. But before leaving the island, we had carbonara and tea for our afternoon snacks! Then as I packed my wet boxer (which Wil used because she did not bring swimming clothes) and my boardshorts in my yellow SM plastic Bag, I swore I’d be back!
As Doyzkie and Friends embarked the pumpboat bringing us back to Oslob, I took this pic of a Korean couple having fun and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Sumilon Island! Aneyong hasseyo!
Maybe next time when Doyzkie the explorer and friends visit Sumilon we would go diving? What do you think? hehe
Get your backpacks now and enjoy Sumilon like Doyzkie the Explorer and friends did!
Day tour package on weekdays is priced at 1,500php nett per person and weekends & holidays is priced at 2000php nett per person. Inclusions are day tour lunch, roundtrip boat transfers ( Mainland Bangcogon Oslob-Sumilon Island-Mainland Bangcogon Oslob), afternoon snacks at the Pavilion, Island Activities like Kayaking, trekking , snorkeling and Canoeing and use of resort facilities including beach, infinity pool, beach volley, billiard pool, picnic grove & payags.
And if a day tour is not enough, avail of their Island Discovery Package. Single room is at 8500php. Extra person is charged 3,200php and 1,500 is charged for kid guests. Package inclusions are roundtrip boat transfers ( Mainland Bangcogon Oslob-Sumilon Island-Mainland Bangcogon Oslob), room accomodation good for 2 persons, resort breakfast, lunch and dinner, welcome drink and shell lei upon arrival, Island Activities like Kayaking, trekking , snorkeling and Canoeing and use of resort facilities including beach, infinity pool, beach volley, billiard pool, picnic grove & payags.
Children below 11 years old is free from room accomodation charges but will be charged for meals.
For more information, Contact 63-32-481 0801 or email them at sumilon@bluewater.com.ph


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Written and Photographed by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje