Starbucks PH launches a fascinating new beverage today, 20 February 2018, together with a returning favorite drink. Starbucks Philippines introduces the Butterfly Pea Cold Blue Lemonade –  a striking, color-changing beverage to intrigue customers. The Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato is also back!

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The newest Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew beverage is a refreshing thirst-quencher that will bring
you an eye-catching surprise! The espresso beverage combines butterfly pea flower tea, a popular
ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine renowned for its natural blue hue and mesmerizing color
changing properties, with tangy lemonade and the deep notes of Starbucks Cold Brew.

Meanwhile, the fan-favorite Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato is also returning for a limited time. This favorite
beverage is coffee-forward, combining Tahitian Vanilla syrup and velvety steamed milk, topped with
Starbucks Signature Espresso, vanilla bean specks and drizzle of vanilla syrup.

“At Starbucks, we continue to explore ways to elevate the experience for customers who are looking for
new and sophisticated twists with their coffee favorites,” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for
Starbucks Philippines. “We are constantly experimenting with coffee craftsmanship, including brewing
methods and ingredient selection to bring customers something new.”

Don’t forget to swing by the nearest Starbucks PH branch to try the mesmerizing beverage! Don’t forget to tag @starbucksph when you post your photos on instagram. 😉