December 23, 2011. After a strenuous Christmas shopping cram, my family and I swung by St. James Amusement Park at the North Reclamation Area (across Parkmall). It was their inaugural day and I was excited as my nephew and niece who had been so thrilled with the opening. When we arrived, we were just in time for the firework show, which by the way was AAAWWWESOOOME!

Fireworks – Pardon my shot. wasnt able to set my digital camera. hehe


Entrance for St. James Amusement Park for that day (December 23, 2011) was at 150php (which claims to come with 600php worth of inclusions ^_^) Inclusions are free Coke or St. James water, a Marquee Variety Show, free Wifi, free use of skateboard park(Must have own skateboard and complete safety gear), free fireworks display on special days, free surprise giveaways on special days, free concert and band performances, free token ride, free raffle entry to win a motorcycle, photo cut outs and free duck fishing for the kids. 500php for unlimited ride was sold at 500php for that day. St. James is open from 4:00PM to 12Midnight as per the personnel at the counter.  I have a hunch that the price for unlimited ride will rise during the peak season which would be on January but am not really sure. But with the addition of more rides, the price might go a bit higher (crossing my fingers that they won’t increase the price).

It rained in the afternoon of December 23, 2011 and we were kinda worried about the mud. Good thing about St. James Amusement Park was they installed wooden planks on the walking trail. A great advice I can give the ladies is that do not wear high heels if you don’t want your heeels  getting stuck between the wooden planks,With the entrance fee , you would be given 4 tokens, which you have to surrender 3 tokens upon entering St. James Amusement Park leaving you with one token. The park resembles much like state fairs in the United states, with colorful big blown up balloons and tents and performers. Too bad when we went inside the performers from the Marquee Variety Show were already done with their performances.


Kiddie rides need 1 token and Adult rides need 2. Extra tokens are sold at 50php each. We rode the “Black Pearl” (requires 2 tokens to ride) which we think is the most exciting ride at St. James Amusement Park.

On board the black pearl (Photo by Dave Feril)


Other St. James Amusement Park Rides

Photo by Dave Feril

Photo by Dave Feril


The Skateboard park wasn’t opened yet and there are still a few spots for rides that are not yet opened. There were still 7 ride attractions during the opening and 4 were for kids. We will definitely be back and this time with the unlimited pass for more of the  Black Pearl and bump cars.And definitely would try the Rodeo ride! wooohooo!


 St. James contact number and email.

Phone: +63 (32) 346-2425