The holiday season has started, and for us coffee lovers – it’s also the planner/journal season! For most of us, we already have our eyes on which planner we are getting to use for the coming year and we have been on a caffeine spree for the past weeks to fast track our ownership of these planners.

This year, I am using both CBTL’s The Giving Journal and The Starbucks Planner. The Giving Journal is my “Daily Planner” where I plot my everyday schedule and the Starbucks Planner is my “Budget Journal” where I jot down my daily expenses before I retire to bed. I have both 2016 planners from CBTL and Starbucks already, and planning of utilizing them both the same way next year. I also got the Bo’s Coffee Start: A creativity Journal last Saturday which am really excited to use, for the journal tackled two creative activities I am really interested in – typography and phoneography. And yes, am using all three next year. 🙂


Planner 2016 1


But for some who are still figuring out which planner/journal to get, here’s a comparison of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s The Giving Journal 2016, Starbucks by Moleskin 2016 Planner (Regular Size) and Bo’s Coffee Start: A Creativity Journal 2016. 🙂

Planner Starbucks by Moleskin2016 Planner CBTL’s The Giving Journal 2016 Bo’s Coffee’s Start: Creativity Journal
Colors: Green and White (Regular Size Planners) Tan, Mustard, Tifanny Blue, Violet White
Pages: 176 182 w/o vouchers 138 w/o the vouchers
PaperThickness Thin Thick Thick
Planner size: Approx. Width: 5.25 inApprox. Height: 8.25in

Approx. Thickness: 0.42 in.





Special Features: *Monthly and weekly Planner*Holidays & Events Pages

*Discount Vouchers


*Monthly and weekly Planner*Emergency Nos. Page

*Life Mantra Page

*Travel Planner

*Vision List

*Discount Vouchers


* 6 creative activities- Coffee Painting


-Homegrown Brew Challenge



-Latte Art

* Discount Vouchers

No. of Stickers/ Stamps to get it for Free 18 Stars 12 Stamps 20 Stickers
The Cheapest Purchase Possible to get it for free 2,475Php 1,575Php 2,585Php
Period of Collecting Stamps/Stars January 7, 2016 January 10, 2016 December 31, 2015



Planner 2016 2

The Giving Journal is 0.25inch taller than Bo’s Coffee Start:A Creativity Journal 2016 and Starbucks by Moleskin 2016 Planner


Planner 2016 3

Both Bo’s Coffee and CBTL’s sheets are thick, while Starbuck’s sheets are thinner. So be sure not to use those sign pens which blot when you plan to use the Starbucks Planner.

Planner 2016 5

Inspiring/ Motivational Quotes on all Planners/Journals

Planner 2016 4

Discount Vouchers on All 3 Planners

 Coffee Painting! One of the interesting creative activities on Bo's Coffee Start: A Creativity Journal

Coffee Painting! One of the interesting creative activities on Bo’s Coffee Start: A Creativity Journal

Planner 2016 7

Monthly and Weekly pages on both Starbucks and CBTl 2016 Planners. Both also have a blank page every after the weekly planner sheet.

I hope this post would help you decide on which planner /journal to use next year! If not, well you can always get all three! 😉

So which planner are you going to use in 2016?