Smart Plug USB Socket by Fine Upgrades Plus


All of us are always on the go and with constant use of our smart devices and how it has become a vital part of our everyday lives, we just can’t run low on battery. Fine Upgrades Plus’ Smart Plug is a simple invention that will revolutionize the way we charge our devices. It combines your ordinary electrical outlet with a USB port giving you an easier charging station for all your gadgets.  The best thing about it is it can be installed anywhere just like your regular electrical outlet.  Take out your current outlet and replace it with the Smart Plug. No special installation requirements needed. Designed by a team of engineers, the Smart Plug has been tried, tested and is 100% safe, complete with the stamp of approval by the Japan and Taiwan departments of electrical safety.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug


If ever you are at Chatime Cebu at the IT Park, chill out with a refreshing milk tea drink and feel free to recharge your devices as well since this establishment is equipped with the Fine Upgrades Plus Smart Plugs USB Wall Socket Chargers. All you need to do is bring your USB cable.


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Fine Upgrades Plus Smart Plugs are also available at Banilad Cebu Trade Center and Cebu Bionic Builders.


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