Experience the thrill of being at the top, 37th floor up to be exact.  It’s definitely a good way to conquer one’s fear of heights with over the edge thrill.

Crown Regency’s Sky Experience Adventure consist of the Sky Walk Extreme and The Edge Coaster Ride.

The Sky Walk Extreme is at the 37th level of the tallest hotel tower in Cebu, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers.  You will experience the magnificent scenery of Cebu and with the feel like you are walking on air.  The walk will take about 15 minutes including the fun photo shots with you  standing or sitting at the edge of platform and the best part is walking on the glass walkway where you can feel the gravity pulling you down, best advise if you are a bit squeamish with heights is not to look down.  Any fear of heights will be easily forgotten with the assurance of the well-trained guides and their accomodating humor during the walk and mind you, they have their way of  making you feel courageous in admiring the beautiful city below you.  It is totally safe since you will be very securely strapped with harness manufactured with high quality materials and is made up to the world standards.

The World’s first Edge Coaster Ride is like a sky tour that goes around the edge of the hotel building and tilts up to 55 degrees.  For the first few seconds, everybody gets to experience the 55 degree tilt but afterwards, you get to control the tilt level during the rest of the tour.  An extraordinary experience close to flying or perhaps falling from the sky, the thrill is definitely one of a kind, a mixture of Intoxicating Fun, Fear and excitement with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Beautiful City of Cebu.  When Riding the Edge Coaster, you’ll be tightly fastened with a very safe and highly secured restraint systems.

Sky Ride Rates :

Entrance is at php 250 person (php 200 for students) with a free Fridge Magnet or Photo Magnet

Each Ride is at php 300 for adults and php 250 for students (Students need to present their School ID to take advantage of the Student Rate)

Entrance with one ride is at php 500 per person with a Sky Adventure T-shirt.

Entrance with two rides is at php 750 per person with a Sky Adventure T-shirt.

Experience a one of a kind adventure now at The Crown Regency Hotel & Towers at

Tower 1, Fuente Towers, Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, 6000 Philippines

For more information call (032) 418 – 8888 / (032) 418 – 7777

Monday – Friday (Open from 2pm till 12mn)

Saturday – (Open from 10am till 2am)

Sunday – (Open from 10am till 2mn)

view from the top

text and photos by Chai Rico