According to the Department of Health (DOH), :The oral health status of Filipino children is alarming. The 2006 National Oral Health Survey (Monse B. et al, NOHS 2006) investigated the oral health status of Philippine public elementary school students. It revealed that 97.1% of six-year-old children suffer from tooth decay. More than four out of five children of this subgroup manifested symptoms of dentinogenic infection. In addition 78.4% of twelve-year-old children suffer from dental caries and 49.7% of the same age group manifested symptoms of dentinogenic infections. The severity of dental caries, expressed as the average number of decayed teeth indicated for filling/extraction or filled teeth (DMFT) or temporary teeth (dmft), was 8.4 dmft for the six-year-old age group and 2.0 DMFT for the twelve-year-old age group (NOHS 2006).” The report also mentions that 74% of the twelve-year-old children suffer from gingivitis. If not treated early, these children become susceptible to irreversible periodontal disease as they enter adolescence and approach adulthood.


Sipilyo Campaign with iLearners



February 17, 2013. iLearners together with Para sa mga Bata Citizens’ Network and PDA Cebu (Philippine Dental Association Cebu) visited Lunas Elementary School in Calidngan Carcar to educate the students and their parents on good oral hygiene and have their dental condition checked. 104 students ages 5-14  attended and availed of the free dental check up, tooth extraction and fluoride treatment.


Dra. Irene Badilla giving flouride treatment to a student

Dra. Irene Badilla (JIFKI & PDA Cebu) giving flouride treatment to a student


Sipilyo Campaign was spearheaded by Para Sa Mga Bata Citizens’ Network which we, iLearners, fully support and would like to continue doing in our adopted schools. Sipilyo Campaign is a project implementing oral health care campaign which supports the current effort of the Department of Health (DOH).


Sipilyo Campaign



The students also took home toothbrushes and toothpastes from iLearners and Para Sa Mga Bata Citizens’s Network which is the number one component of the campaign for them to continue having good oral health.


Sipilyo Campaign



Big thanks to:

Sipilyo Campaign project coordinator for Visayas, Vincent Gaton.

And to our dentists of PDA Cebu and JIKFI,

Dra. Irene Badilla , Dra. Jo Anne Ramirez and Dr. Richard Remigoso.


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