I am very much a fan of Shawarma and Melon Jello drink snack combo since the 2000s. And gladly, Shawarma has become a mainstay on Cebu’s snack menu and with its popularity comes different translations of the beloved wrap, from Greek to Indian to even Filipino. There’s even a  rice version of the quick meal which has become one of my favorite mall grubs, perfectly paired with Nirvana Milk tea.
Shawarma Gourmet 1


Shawarma Gourmet Cebu recently opened it’s doors giving Cebuanos a sneak peek of the authentic Levantine street food, introducing to the metro the taste loved by the people of the larger eastern Mediterranean area at affordable prices.



So what makes Levantine Shawarma different from the Shawarma we are used to in Cebu?

Levantine Shawarma’s main filling is meat, served tucked in a fresh pita bread. So every bite on a serving of Shawarma Gourmet‘s Shawarma is guaranteed real meaty, and surely is a filling meal already.



Tried the Beef and Chicken Shawarma Platter  good for 2 (two) which comes with servings of Chicken + Beef, fries, pita bread, mix pickles, tahini, garlic sauce and hummus for just Php285.



What’s great about the platter is that you have the liberty to put the amount of ingredients you want on your sandwich the way you like it.

So how do Middle Easterns make their shawarma? First, break your pita. Then you can either put the paste/ sauce onto the insides of your pita bread then the fill it with meat, pickles and fries; or you can fill your sandwich with the ingredients, then top it with your preferred paste/sauce. Either way, it’s best paired with a glass (or two) of fresh house iced tea!



Visit Shawarma Gourmet Cebu at the Parkmall North Reclamation Area Cebu Mandaue City, Cebu. Operating hours is from 11:00AM-11:00PM.

Text and Photos by Cebu’s Lifestyle + Fashion Blogger Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje