Swat Cats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy and the Animaniacs were some of my favorite childhood shows and yes, I have watched it on a Sharp TV with my little brothers Reymond and Edd. And on Sharp‘s 100th year milestone, Sharp pledges to continue in offering quality products and services that grabbed our hearts.


Sharp: 100th Anniversary

Oh, and Sharp’s stunning centennial video have a very catchy song! Anyone knows the title please do message me. ^_^


With Sharp’s 100th anniversary, they also want to see how we celebrated our most memorable celebrations with pictures and videos  and share it through Sharp’s “Anniversary Share II.” On the Anniversary Share website, we would also be viewing other people’s treasured moments, making it a website of happy memories, and celebrating happiness together with the rest of the world! The campaign is still running until the 15th of September 2012.


Sharp's Anniversary Share II


Come on and let’s join in the fun with the rest of the world on Anniversary Share! Our anniversary videos and photos will be made into a work film and would be displayed on the Anniversary Share website during the campaign period. And wait did I mention that they are flying 4 people to West Coast, USA? Two pairs out of all the applicants have a chance to win this awesome prize. And the top 5 submitters will get Sharp products! Wondrous prizes for wondrous sharers! So guys, let’s start posting our pictures and videos now at Share.Sharp100years.com 

Happy Birthday Sharp!