Staying at home during the pandemic sounds like all fun and tension free, but for some, the months of lockdown has caused strain, anxiety and stress. Yes, I feel you! Like many, I have been worried and crunched of the uncertainties induced by this crisis too.

In the four past months, I did different things to cope up – cooked, organized, made tiktok videos, acquired more plants to enumerate some. But then, I get tired and bored and loops back to overthinking and feeling tensed.

Meditation has helped me a lot. Sticking to the schedule also made me more productive, and less likely to get stressed from being too busy but ineffective. And to set the mood, I add 10 drops of Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil on the diffuser during the outset of my morning meditation, and when I start working.

YL Stress Away is formulated with lime, lavender, cedarwood and other pure essential oils that promotes relaxation and calming. My friends recommended that I use it with epson salt for a relaxing bath too. That I’d have to try soon!

I will admit that this unfortunate situation has granted me favors too. It gave me the opportunity to work on the unfinished projects that demanded to be settled, the chance to think, focus and realign the important goals, and saved me from the agony caused by traffic from the daily work commute.

It also presented the lucky chance to experience real wellness through essential oils. My current routine for a worry-free day starts with whipping up my diffuser with Stress Away essential oil, meditate and finally launch the day with a relaxed and focused mind before breakfast. That’s how I scent my stress away!

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