Sarah Geronimo Interview


Sarah G. Interview
Interview by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje

Sarah Geronimo had gone a long way! She just did world tour  concert  including Canda and the US and is now completing her Philippine tour. When she visited Cebu, I had a chance to interview her at the airport and after the concert. So read on and know Sarah G. a bit more!

How many costume change did you have on your Record Breaker Concert in Cebu? Who are the designers involved?
Sa Cebu’s Record Breaker Concert, probably mga 4 costume changes. Some designers involved sa wardrobe ko are Rajo Laurel and Rhett Eala.

How did you celebrate your birthday?
Nasa bahay lang ako the whole day. My family and I shared a quiet. All the gifts I received are special and I would like to thank all my friends and family for loving me and supporting me always, both sa career and my personal life.

How involved are you now in the decision making of your projects?
“Yes. Mas involved na po ako sa mga projects na ginagawa ko. I talk to my manager if may concerns ako. Kapag may hesitations ako about a project, vino-voice out ko na.

What are the things you miss?
“Gusto ko sana magbakasyon. Yung maka-bonding ko yung friends ko sa high school at mga kapatid ko at mag-camping.”The last time ako nagbakasyon is when nagtour kami sa U.S., for a week. Sobra namimiss ko mga friends ko sa highschool. Namimiss ko syempre yung hangouts, kulitan, tawanan. Last time ko nakita highschool friends ko last year pa, but I saw two of my highschool friends sa premier ng Hating Kapatid but wala kaming chance makapagusap dahil maraming tao.

What are your favorite Cebuano foods/delicacies?
I love danggit! And Uo yung spicy Cebu Lechon! Nilibre ako ni Kuya Luis (Manzano).

How do you feel that Matteo Guidacelli admitted his admiration for you?
Haha! No comment na lang. Sabi ko nga, wala namang masamang mag-admire kasi ako rin naman hinahangaan ko din si Matteo dahil gwapo at magaling na car racer. So wala naman sigurong masama dun.

What’s your message to the Cebuanos?
Sana nanood at nagenjoy yung mga Cebuanos sa Record Breaker Concert ko sa Waterfront together with Charlie Green, Erick Santos, Jimmy Marquez and the G-force dancers. At sana din nanuod din sila ng movie ko with Ate Judee Ann na Hating Kapatid. Nagpapasalamt din ako sa support ng lahat ng Cebuano fans.

Sarah G and Doyzkie!

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