Pumped up from our downstream canyoneering from Alegria to Kawasan Falls in Badian the day before, we drove 20 kilometers farther from Matutinao Badian down to Samboan to chase more waterfalls. The sweltering 40 degree summer heat just calls for longer and relaxing cold dips.

Samboan is about 150KM south of Cebu City and the municipality boasts of 6 waterfalls and is home to one of the oldest Spanish-built churches in Cebu.

With no maps and without the help of Mr. Google, we explored quaint Samboan, occasionally asking  friendly Samboanons for directions. In a span of 5 hours, we got to chase 3 out of 6 waterfalls in the municipality,  starting with Aguinid Falls.

With the very recent canyoneering experience, upstreaming Aguinid Falls was a piece of cake (geeeez, now I want a slice of red velvet. teehee.) Treking along Aguinid river and climbing a 45 degree limestone wall (don’t worry, there are holes that serve as foot markers) and a cold dip at the last waterfall tier were the highlights of the experience .

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Samboan 1