Restaurant: Saffron Cafe

Address: Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

Food: International , Asian

Contact Number: 63-32 401.9999  63-02 728.0005

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card
WiFi: Yes

Sitting at luxurious property of Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan, Saffron Cafe, houses one of the best buffets in Cebu! Serving a variety of international and asian dishes, it’s definitely a feast!

Saffron Cafe


My brother Reymond and I were so impressed with the buffet we forgot to take a shot of the restaurant’s ambiance. We had been going back and forth to the buffet and the dessert rack! Teehee. But don’t fret for we will be back at Saffron Cafe soon and give you a walkthrough on how cozy and ambient Saffron Cafe is, or maybe you can visit Saffron Cafe and see for youself. 😉

Saffron Cafe

And who doesn’t love desserts? Saffron Cafe has a line of great tasting desserts and for froyo lovers you are going to love the froyo station with all you can eat froyo and all you can put toppings!


Saffron Cafe’s buffet is open during breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1,200php, 971php and 1,680php respectively. And for those not really into a piggin out mood, Saffron Cafe also serve ala carte.