Rico’s Lechon Acacia

Address: Acacia St. and Tojong St. Archbishop Reyes Avenue Cebu City

Parking: Yes

Free WiFi: Yes

Contact Number:  (032) 2310958

Mode of Payment: Cash


Rico's Lechon


About time our famous roasted pigs get a swanky choproom! The interior design of the newest Rico’s Lechon may be modern but it still shouts a classic “Cebu” in every way.  From the “Puso (Hanging Rice) Chair” that greets you when you enter the door from the parking area, to the walls beautifully painted with banana leaves, to the light shades made with native baskets – aaahh, old time festive Cebu! The warm lights adds up to the cozy ambiance making it even more homey.

Rico's Lechon 1


When we go dining at Rico’s Lechon,  we know what dish to order from the menu: Mr. Enrico Dionson’s original SPICY LECHON de Cebu! Though I prefer having the SPICY LECHON with puso (hanging rice), I don’t mind pairing it with smoking hot rice straight from the kaldero. Teehee



Rico's Lechon 2


The Spicy Lechon is so Instagrammable (is there such a word? haha) by itself, but with the new Rico’s Lechon dining space, it won’t be long that we’d be seeing photos of the stylish eatery all over everyone’s social media accounts. And don’t forget to share your pictures with us on instagram, Facebook and Twitter by using our hashtag #iLuvCebu. We’d luv to see ’em! ^_^