Georgina Wilson for Globe Tattoo

It’s time for you to join the resistance! Globe-powered Tattoo starts a new revolution as it becomes faster, bolder and more powerful than ever. Armed with topnotch innovation, Tattoo revolts against uniformity, fights against mediocrity and breaks through limitations all with stronger bandwidth, better devices, wider reach and faster speeds at unbeatable value.

January 15, 2012. iLuvCebu Team had a chance to meet up with model marvel Georgina Wilson. And I must say, she has the brains and the beauty. She has proved that Pinays are more than just a pretty face. Yes, she has the face that launched a thousand billboards, flaunted her beauty and talent on America’s next top model and now her resistance against uniformity of modeling stereotypes had transformed her into a global household name , her tweets instantly becoming the first words on anything from fashion, social graces, to the elusive pursuits of the finer things in life.  . Her @iloveGeorgina Twitter account has caused quite a social network traffic this holiday season when Georgina asked her followers “What will you RESIST this 2012?” And judging from the amount of replies she received, her words fronted by a pretty picture will always be irresistible. With Grace, Glamour, intelligible Grasp, and a Gorgeous face, Georgina Wilson displays the 4G that could launch a thousand hits, likes, and followings, and that is exactly what Tattoo does with its new generation Superstick, that outfits 4G in a super sleek and stylish package.


I myself had joined the resistance!

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