Radisson Blu Cebu hosted an afternoon celebrating the passion in making tea and creativity through art with “Art meets Tea.” Rationing as a stimulant for creativity is today’s rarest Dilmah tea blend “Seasonal Flush” served with its Signature Afternoon High Tea set. 

Dilmah’s “Seasonal Flush Green Tea-Park Estate” is a brew reminiscent of springtime by the sea with hints of seaweed, herbs and grass and is recommended with the Dilmah T Bar’s Signature Afternoon High Tea.

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“Art Meets Tea” is a watercolor workshop introducing lessons on the basic techniques in watercolor art over Dilmah tea, afternoon pastries, and chitchats and catching ups.  Since tea has long been associated with art, Dilmah’s Signature Afternoon High Tea appreciation and the celebration of art seemed to be a harmonious pair;  igniting a local interest on this English custom. And to those who missed the first one, another session of Watercolor Workshop is happening tomorrow, 19 March 2016,  at Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu. The workshops are conducted by mentors Dra. Nanette and Weebong. To book, call Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu at (63) (32) 402 9900.

For some tips on the Basic Techniques in Watercolor Art, visit my personal Life+Style and Travel blog, Doyzkie.com.