Cebu has become a fast paced metro, and to compensate with the speedy lifestyle, it’s best that we get things done swiftly too. Have you ever had a problem with a busty power socket, or plumbing dilemma but never had the time to have ’em fix because of reasons, (1) you don’t know where to look for a person to repair them, and (2) the doubt of not being able to hire a reliable person to do the job.

Cebu-based mobile app QuickWork makes it a breeze to book reliable services, with just a few taps on your phone. It helps you connect with the right service providers, compare rates, choose available schedules, see profiles and read reviews of services! This makes it easier and convenient for everyone to have a quick fix for things that need servicing, and get things done without breaking a sweat!

The recently launched app has a listing of informal services from cleaning to plumbing, water deliveries to moving/lipat bahay, home health care to online math tutorials – providing a convenient platform for service seekers to connect with service providers. Quickwork covers a list of professional services as well, like accounting and legal. (SEE COMPLETE QUICKWORK SERVICE LISTING HERE)

Booking a service via QuickWork is as easy as 1,2, 3!
Step 1: Search for a specific service you need, and QuickWork gives you a listing of reliable providers
Step 2: Book a service provider by filling out a service request form.
Step 3: Wait for service request confirmation.

Convenient One-stop app for Service Seekers
Booking services are now literally as easy as one, two, three with QuickWork! And you’ll never have to worry about bogus, unqualified service providers.

More opportunities to connect with prospect clients as a Service Provider
QuickWork gives service providers an easy way to connect with clients within the area – widening their reach, greater accessibility from service seekers and having higher chances of booking real clients.

QuickWork app is a no-fuss, straightforward app to get things done by people who know how. Quick find. Quick fix. Quick Work.

The QuickWork App is now available to download via the App Store or GooglePlay!

See the complete QuickWork service listing HERE!
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