Restaurant: Puso Bistro and Bar

Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines

Food: International, Japanese, Asian

Type of Dining: Casual / Buffet

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Wifi: Yes

Telephone: +63 32 4025999


Text: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje | Photos by: Edd Buenaviaje


Puso Bistro and Bar

Being haunted by traffic during the rush hours would be such a pain in the stomach, would you agree? The heavy vehicular build-up does go along with our times for lunch and dinner. So when around Archbishop Reyes Avenue, drop by  this new bistro at the first level of Quest Hotel and you’ll go out with a happy tummy. Situated just across Ayala Center Cebu, Puso Bistro and Bar would be an addition to our Cebu District Park dining list. You can try out their choices of dishes from Asian to International at their buffet or choose from the mouthwatering entrees on the ala carte menu!

Dessert Section and behind it is the Japanese Section - Puso Bistro and Bar

Enjoy a great selection of Asian and International cuisine at Puso Bistro and Bar buffet. And for a limited time,try out their buffet for less than 500bucks! Puso Bistro and Bar also offers function rooms for birthdays, meetings and gatherings.


Puso Bistro and Bar


Asking the chef for his favorites and recommendations wouldn’t hurt! So when dining in at a new resto or when unsure of what to order, it’s good to ask the chef for his picks. Here are a few picks and favorites from Puso Bistro and Bar’s chef.

Lemon Grass Skewered Prawn

 ( Recommends) Puso Bistro and Bar’s Lemon Grass Skewered Prawn. These are grilled succulent prawns served with chili coriander lime sauce.


Thai Chicken Curry

Puso Bistro and Bar’s Thai Chicken Curry. Chicken breast with fried eggplant, lime leaf, fish sauce and green curry paste served with steamed rice.



Mussels in Fragrant Coconut Cream

Puso Bistro and Bar’s Mussels in Fragrant coconut cream. Stewed Australian mussels with green chili, capsicum and white wine.



Chili Crab

 ( Recommends) Puso Bistro and Bar’s Chili Crab. Wok-fried mud crab with chili sauce served with steamed butterfly buns. Imagine a Makansutra Chili Crab but with a thicker and flavorful sauce. ^_^



A perfect dinner ends with a great dessert, or desserts! ^_^ Here are a few of our favorite desserts at Puso Bistro and Bar.


Puso Bistro and Bar’s Tiramisu . A deconstructed Italian masterpiece made of sponge cake, coffee, rum sprinkled with cocoa powder; served with a shot of espresso.



Mud Pie

Puso Bistro and Bar’s Mud Pie. Mouthwatering layers of vanilla and rocky road ice cream over real chocolate sponge crust drizzled with rich fudge syrup and chopped almonds.


Mango Float Sandwich

And lastly my personal favorite –Puso Bistro and Bar’sMango Float Sandwich. Caramelized mango cinnamon with sabayon vanilla foam, baileys cream on graham crackers and eggnog.


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