It has been a habit that I put on my earphones with  DJ Gino’s one-hour UNyT Mixtape track on replay (yeahp, that’s the hymn everyone was jumping up and down to at The Penthouse in 2013) when at the gym. I sync my breathing, running and counting in each of the exercise sets with the music’s rhythm.I thought I was satisfied using the earphones that came with my phone, but I know that working out with slack wire from my headset to my iPhone  is a real mess.

Solution? Go wireless! Playground PH’s BH200 arrived in the mail sometime mid-May. It wasn’t until the first week of June that I unboxed the package, since I planned of using it during my recent Sagada adventure – but forgot to charge the unit and even worse,  left the charger in Cebu. hahaha. I put it to good use though – as an ear cover for four nights to cancel my friends’ snoring. Ahem!

BH 200 1

It has been 3 weeks using the BH200, and yes it’s more than just a snore canceling device! haha. Using it at the gym mostly – BH200 is a perfect gym mate, allowing me to move and run without the fear of pulling the earphone’s wire. And it’s sweat-resistant!

We all know that bluetooth headsets compress any music or sound,which may affect the sound quality. Surprisingly, BH200 gives out a good quality audio. Let me just rewind a few weeks back during the unboxing, then I’ll  give you some key features that I love about the BH200.

What’s in the box? 

The box came with the BH200 Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earphone, 4 sets of ear tips, 3 sets of ear stabilizers, cord management clip,USB charging cable, carrying pouch, user guide and warranty card.

BH 200 4 BH200 5



What are the features I like about BH200? 

BH200 2

Superior Audio Performance: BH200 uses Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 for superior performance using aptX Hi-Fi quality stereo codec.

No fuss, easy to control, straight- to- the- point design. There’re only three control buttons:  1. power/play/pause/answer button, 2. the volume up/next button and 3. volume down/previous button. On the right earpiece (labeled R) is the USB charging port. An LED indicator near the Volume-up/ Next button will signal you if the device is charging, and goes off when it’s fully charged. In short, BH200 is user friendly and not complicated at all. 🙂

Comfort for all. The unit came with 4 pairs of ear tips and 3 sets of ear stabilizers of different shapes and sizes. Use the pair that best fit you and gives the best comfort.  Slack wire problems can also be solved with the cord management clip.

Hands Free calls. The unit has a built in microphone with noise cancellation.

Long Battery Life. 8-10 hour of non stop music (240 hours standby time)

Reasonable Price: Playground PH’s BH200 retails at only 1,590Php in Cebu (Price as of July 10, 2015).

Anything else about BH200? 

The manual says that the bluetooth parameters effective distance is about 33 feet. Farthest I got with a clear connection was 18 feet away from the source. Connection got cut off farther than 18feet.  But hey, that’s not bad at all.

What if I have any trouble with my unit? 

We just love a brand with a great customer after sales support.  What if my unit got busted? Is there any way I can have it fixed or claim my free replacement/ service during the warranty period? These are some questions our subconscious mind bugs our very own selves before buying any electronics or appliance. I remember buying a SC earbud  2 years ago which costs about 1,400php. The color and design had me saying in my head, “Shut Up and take my money;”  bought ’em without any hesitation and used it the next day. At the gym, I was doing my first rep on the tricep machine – didn’t notice the wire got looped with the handle,  pushed it down and baaam, the wire connecting the right earpiece with the volume control snapped. So right after gym session, went to the store where I bought ’em and asked if it was still under warranty, but unfortunately for me, damages due to being a dim-wit isn’t covered. hahaha.

For Playground PH support and repairs, you can directly go to the stores where you bought your Playground PH device or you can get in touch with them via their social media accounts: facebookinstagram and twitter  for more information and support. Though I haven’t had any trouble with my unit yet, I thought I’d give myself (and everyone else who is reading this tech review) a reference. 😉

Where can I buy BH200 in Cebu?

Playground PH products are available at Junrex stores, RC Goldline, Hobby Extreme Parkmall and USB World Ayala.

Read and know more about Playground PH products by visiting their  Facebook Page.