Restaurants: Fiji and  Palermo

Address:Marigondon, Mactan Island Lapu-lapu City Cebu 6015

Phone Number: 63-32-505-9800


Plantation Bay Mactan was our third stop  during the 1st day of the 3 day  Sooo Pinoy Food Trip sponsored by Uniliver Food Solutions and Department of Tourism. (Read about our 2nd stop here: I would have to admit that it has been 2 years since I last dined at Fiji and Palermo and being reacquainted of good memories here is such a delight. 🙂


Romantic Dinner for 2 at Fiji


We started the meal with one of Fiji‘s favorite dishes “Kissing Cousins”. Pairing crustaceans, prawns and lobster chunks, hence the name “Kissing Cousins,” which also adds notoriety to the dish. And for those who familiar with Elvis Presley movie “Kissing Cousins,” the name adds even more fun to the dish. I highly recommend this dish!


Fiji's Kissing Cousins


The next dish served was Palermo’s Spaghetti Al Nero. Though this is an Itilian dish, Palermo uses ink from Cebu squids to marinate the pasta overnight giving the pasta a naturally black and sea salt taste without staining your teeth. ^_^ It has squid, mussels and pepperoncino which adds excitement to the flavor!

Spaghetti Al nero


I had been dieting for 2 weeks for my Boracay trip and I think I had bulked up extra pounds in a day! haha. Nonetheless, food trips are always fun and educational! \m/ Next stop, Chikaan!