It’s always a best idea to invest on a good pair of footwear. Design + comfort are on the very top of my list when choosing shoes. One particular pair I got last year was a set of Phillips by People Footwear, and it has been one of my favorites since. Its minimalist and classic design make The Phillips a perfect choice for an urban yet adventure-thirsty guy like me.

My first pair of People Footwear is a black Phillips, which goes well with almost anything in my wardrobe. My iPhone 6 even went matchy matchy with my Black Phillips after scoring a Hamilton iPhone 6 Case online. And yes I do shop for stylish tech accessories at 😉

People Footwear’s The Phillips and other footwear line under the brand offer a contemporary design of common sense in a shoe that is stripped down to its simplest form; no fuss, timeless and ergonomic shoe architecture.

People 2

What’re the qualities I love about People Footwear’s The Phillips? 

The Phillips, one of four People Footwear’s hybrid designs, is made of breathable mesh + 3D printing combo ensuring breath-ability and durability. Breathability allows The Phillips to dry fast and gives the  feet a refreshing feeling because the mesh allows the air and moisture to breath on the shoes.

People Footwear’s Skylite Trademark outsole is made very lightweight, greatly reducing stress and provide outmost comfort. And with or without socks, the SuperCush soft density form-fitting sockliner is so cushy, it won’t give you blisters.

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So where can I get a pair of People Footwear in Cebu? 

People Footwear’s The Phillips, The Stanley, The Lennon and The Senna are available at Res | Toe | Run Ayala Center Cebu. Price point from 2,490Php to 3,995PhP.

Bukidnon 11

Just this week, new colors of The Phillips and the other designs are on stock at Res |Toe|Run Ayala Center Cebu and I got my eyes on the Olive Green Phillips! I’ll soon have more adventures this coming weeks with my newest pair of The Phillips from People Footwear; because sometimes, it all starts with wearing what looks and feels right. 😉

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