Paintball Cebu

Paintball Cebu

Paintball Cebu


My brothers and I love playing computer games and are big fans of Counterstrike and Quake. Paintball Cebu gives you the adrenaline rush and the feel of being in the game, without of course getting yourself killed or killing your friends. teehee.


Paintball Cebu is located at the 2nd Level of JCentre Mall A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City. Entrance is at 20php + 300php for 50 paintballs or 200php for 33 paintballs. 17 extra paintballs will cost you 100php. We suggest you avail of the 50 paintballs for 4 games.

Before starting with the game, you and your group will be briefed with the dos and don’ts during the game. The most important thing I picked up during the briefing was “NEVER REMOVE YOUR HELMET WHEN INSIDE THE WARZONE.”


Paintball Cebu

Paintball Cebu


Then after the briefing you get to chose your war outfit and then off to choosing your gun. 🙂

3 1 2



There would be 4 games before determining which team wins.  1st is capture the base (gun loaded with 17 paintballs),  2nd ring the bell (gun loaded with 17 paintballs),  3rd catch the flag (gun loaded with 16 paintballs )and lastly the death match (whatever is left of your paintballs during the 3 rounds).

Will definitely come back with a bigger group. 5 in each team would be much more exciting. ^_^


War aftermath! haha. Don’t worry it really doesn’t hurt that much. 🙂



paintball cebu

paintball cebu


For more information about Paintball Cebu, call Manny at 09173291520 or 09325010680.


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