Otaku (おたく / オタク?) (oh-tah-kooh) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with great interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.

University of the Philippines hosted one of the most anticipated collegiate cosplay event in Cebu  last February 05, 2011, The Otakufest IV.

On its 4th year of festivities it was all fun as everyone gathered to celebrate their love for anime, manga and video games. A lot of activities was in store for everybody from Cosplaying to a showcase of Jpop Culture.  As your favorite character comes to life, it was a great  avenue to admire all Cosplayers as they flaunt their costumes.

One of my favorite  is Alphonse Elric.

And a few crowd favorites


















Congratulations to all the Winners:

Solo Cosplay Competition – Ray Stops as Capt. Jack

Group Cosplay Competition – Koi Wa Sensou

JPOP Dance Contest – Maid Rangers

Original Character Design Contest – Madeleine Boone

Photography Contest – Ken Suarez

Crowd Favorite (Male) – Ray Stops as Capt. Jack Sparrow

Crowd Favorite (Female) – Miles Semblante

more photos at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=187657891265610&id=179807818717284&aid=43132