When I got the call from Globe Tattoo that they would be flying me to Boracay for the LiveTattoo launch for 3 days and 2 nights , first thing that came inside my head is WORK.  3 days will get a lot of stuff done, but the heck, that’s an all expense paid trip to Boracay, am I nuts! So I gave them a call back to confirm that am going. ^_^ What made me more giddy is that this is my first trip to Boracay.  (haha. I know, i know! Pity me for being such a loser! teehee)


Received my e-ticket on my email , printed it and noticed  Cheyser was flying with me. Well , I haven’t seen or met her yet, so I went double 007 and searched for her on Facebook. hahaha. Stalker mode! Pretty young lady she is! 🙂  We flew Air Philippines directly from Cebu to Caticlan. Flight took around 40 minutes.

Caticlan Airport

Cheyser, who by the way is a fashion blogger from Davao, and I then filled out some arrival papers at the airport, then a van was waiting for us to bring us to the port for our 15-minute boat ride to the island of Boracay! On our way there you can’t help but notice the language they speak is neither Tagalog or Cebuano, though there are some words that are similar to our Cebuano vernacular. A van was already waiting for Cheyser and I upon arriving to the island of Boracay to transport us to our hotel. I just have to ask our driver what’s the native language spoken in Boracay. He answered, “Aklanon!” He also added that Boracay has their own version of peanut brittle, which is ideal pasalubong to bring back home.

20 minutes from the Boracay port, we arrived at The Palms of Boracay, our home for 2 nights! \m/ Arriving at the lobby, we were welcomed by the receptionist with a drink and a cold towel to freshen up.

The Palms Welcome Drink (instagram photo)

Hello Bed (instagram photo)

 Together with the other bloggers, we then headed to Globe LiveTatoo pre event at epic, where we were treated to a massage! Ahhhh, the life! Then went to the beach for some cocktails, free Globe Wifi while waiting for the sun to set.

Sonny, Yoshke, Doyzkie, Mark, Chuckie and Coy


Ivy, Kring, Cheyser, Megann, Melai, Raleene – sorry ladies, my bad for cutting ur feet off the picture. T_T

Drink by the beach (instagram photo)


Boracay Sunset


Snaps of food and drinks I had on my 2 nights in Boracay!



Dinner at epic


Dinner buffet at Dos Mestizos

Jonah’s Mango Avocado! <3


Boracay Snaps! 

View from the hotel


at Station 2


Hotel Pool


Station 1


Fine white sand, clear waters, sunshine like there’s no tomorrow, the people and the food, Boracay is one of the places in the Philippines that you would fall in love. Thanks to Globe for introducing me to Boracay!  And hey, be sure not to miss my post on how we rocked and rolled with the celebrities during Globe #LiveTattoo launch in Boracay! \m/

Read on here for the Live Tattoo Launch:  https://www.iluvcebu.com/live-tattoo-launch/  

And got to meet new friends and got reacquainted with old blogger friends! \m/ (Grabbed pics)

With new friends TJ & Jac with blogger friends Mica & Bong (Photo grabbed from Jacques)


After Party at Boracay Point (Photo from Yoshke)


jonahs-fruit-shake-boracay (Photo from Yoshke)