Restaurant: Nonki
Branch: AS Fortuna Mandaue City (Beside SkyCable Bldg)
Food: Japanese
Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card
Tel. No: 4223159

Father Torvz is going on a vacation so we had a little Japanese send off party just for him. Kara, Tonton, Edd, Ceigey and I met up at Seattle’s Best before heading down to Nonki AS Fortuna and meet Father Torvz. E totally missed the fun dinner coz she was busy with law exams!

For starters we had Seafood Kaminabe (Priced at 310php). Kaminabe or Japanese paper steamboat has shrimp, fishballs and vegetables on a broth. We also had the special sashimi(price available by request) with salmon and uni sashimi.

We then had bentos for our main course! Beef bento for me (Priced at 250php). 2 small sized tempuras, big serving of Japanese rice, Beef, eggplant fan and vegetable on a bento. Yum!

A variety of sake or rice wine are available and prices differ depending on the brand. Price starts at 160 per serving/shot. It can be served hot ot cold. Cold Sake makes you taste the full sake’s semi bitter taste. You’d trully distinguish a cheap sake from a fine sake when its cold. If your ordering a cheap shot of sake, you can mask the cheap taste by having it warmed to give it a smooth kick!

Kara the Tangera! or mad scientist? hehehe

Mga Kapigouts

Nonki owner with Father Torvz, Kara, Ceige, Tonton
Doyzkie and Edd

Father Torvz, Kara, Ceige, Tonton
Doyzkie and Edd