“Street artists has always been misunderstood,” exclaimed Aito.  “The peaceful form of expression should widely be supported,” he added.


Famous Japanese Street Artist Aito Kitazaki recounted his early years of doing street art in Tokyo and shared his unfortunate experience of being cuffed and jailed for illegally doing street art. But this mishap did not stop him in pursuing his passion. Learning from his gaffes, he now do mural art for a living, carrying out exhibits and getting commissioned to do wall art all over the world.

Aito 1


Aito flew in to Cebu for a commissioned work at the soon-to-open Japanese cafe and bistro, Skillet.  He was tasked to do a wall art on one side of the restaurant. He illustrated a man and a woman, each having a winder at their backs; each trying to twist them on their own. The artwork he dubbed as “No One Can Live Alone” depicts a story of how we humans need each other, and that we need someone to share our lives with.

Aito 4


Aito’s “No One can Live Alone” can be spotted at the soon-to-open Skillet Cafe and Bistro at Norkis Arcade, A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu. And if you pass by Escario Street, you can sight on another of his masterpieces, “Cup Noodles.”


Aito with his team, Skillet's owners Mr. & Ms. Tsuji and Cebu Pot's Ikeda.

Aito with his team, Skillet’s owners Mr. & Ms. Tsuji and Cebu Pot’s Ikeda.

And watch out for Aito Kitazaki’s Cebu Daily News Play Feature soon, an interview by Hayde Quinanola and photos by yours truly, Doyzkie Buenaviaje.

Text and Photos by Cebu’s Lifestyle + Fashion Blogger Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje