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Asus ZenPower

Come on, admit it. You must have at least a 3,000mAh portable battery bank that you bring along with you everyday. With everyone’s fixation on social media, one full charging isn’t enough to get you through the day. Our reliable smartphones have been our constant companion to capture memories, our alarm clock and planner that helps us be as organized as possible , our voice recorder that we use for interviews and the one we turn to for movies, music and games to entertain us when we are on the go – preventing us from getting knocked-down out of boredom. And with our smartphones being used for more than calling and texting, we even go beyond 2 full chargings in a day.



Currently, I have two power banks that I often use – a 2,000mAh and a 7,000mAh. The 2,000mAh battery pack could barely charge my iPhone 6 fully but its quite handy which I could comfortable fit on my back pocket.  The 7,000mAh power bank on the other hand is packed with much power to fully-charge my iPhone 6 and comes in a sleek grey color, but is as big as my iPhone 6 and twice as thick. Gladly, I met Eason de Guzman of  #HungryGeeks and #UnboxingPH and introduced me to this product dubbed as the World’s Number 1 Credit Card Size, high capacity, 10,050mAh Power Bank – The Asus ZenPower.

Just this morning, iLuvCebu Team (Doyzkie, Reymond and Edd) giddily unboxed our Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh. The package includes one Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh Power Bank, charging cord and a User Manual.

Asus ZenPower 2


Asus Zenpower 3

I instantly noticed that the Asus ZenPower Powerbank is more lightweight (weighs only 215 grams) than my current 7,000mAh power bank. Plus, it has a sleek aluminum outer casing, smooth premium finish that gives it a classy and ergonomic feel to it. Packed with about 10,050mAh, it’s incredibly only about the same size as a credit card (and my Starbucks Gold Card.) That would give about 2 full battery charging to an Asus Zenfone 6; and also about 2 full battery charging to an iPhone 6.

Asus 4

The Asus ZenPower Promise

Asus ZenPower also supports a high-efficiency fast charging capability of up to 2.4A output, putting our devices quickly back to life.

Exclusive ASUS PowerSafe Technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging.

Does it come in other colors? 

The ASUS ZenPower is designed with anodized Aluminum casing to create a device you’ll want to show off. Choose from blue, pink, black, gold and silver. ZenPower bumpers are also available in different colors and gives an extra layer of protection.

How durable is the Asus ZenPower?

ZenPower is rigorously tested to ensure top quality. 5000cycles of USB plug test and certified to endure a maximum of 60kg.

Where do I buy an Asus ZenPower in Cebu and how much does it cost? 

It will soon be available at Asus stores and certified Asus dealers in Cebu. It retails at 795PhP only.

What if I have a problem with my ZenPower?

You can get online support and information by contacting Asus social media accounts – Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Want to get a hand on one? 

iLuvCebu is giving one Asus ZenPower to one of our lucky reader! Here’s how to qualify:

1. Share the blog URL on your Facebook. —>

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3. Add the hashtags: #Asus #ZenPower #iLuvCebu #iLuvCebuTech for us to be able to track your entry.

4. Your Facebook profile should be in “Public” so we can review your entry.

5. On Thursday, 12noon of July 16, we will be picking a winner through We will announce the winner of an Asus ZenPower 10,005mAh on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, 1PM on the same date.

6. The lucky reader will then be contacted by iLuvCebu through a Facebook message. Winner should be in Cebu to claim their prize. Winner can meet iLuvCebu in Asiatown I.T. Park Cebu City to claim their Asus ZenPower Power Bank.


Playground PH’s BH200

It has been a habit that I put on my earphones with  DJ Gino’s one-hour UNyT Mixtape track on replay (yeahp, that’s the hymn everyone was jumping up and down to at The Penthouse in 2013) when at the gym. I sync my breathing, running and counting in each of the exercise sets with the music’s rhythm.I thought I was satisfied using the earphones that came with my phone, but I know that working out with slack wire from my headset to my iPhone  is a real mess.

Solution? Go wireless! Playground PH’s BH200 arrived in the mail sometime mid-May. It wasn’t until the first week of June that I unboxed the package, since I planned of using it during my recent Sagada adventure – but forgot to charge the unit and even worse,  left the charger in Cebu. hahaha. I put it to good use though – as an ear cover for four nights to cancel my friends’ snoring. Ahem!

BH 200 1

It has been 3 weeks using the BH200, and yes it’s more than just a snore canceling device! haha. Using it at the gym mostly – BH200 is a perfect gym mate, allowing me to move and run without the fear of pulling the earphone’s wire. And it’s sweat-resistant!

We all know that bluetooth headsets compress any music or sound,which may affect the sound quality. Surprisingly, BH200 gives out a good quality audio. Let me just rewind a few weeks back during the unboxing, then I’ll  give you some key features that I love about the BH200.

What’s in the box? 

The box came with the BH200 Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earphone, 4 sets of ear tips, 3 sets of ear stabilizers, cord management clip,USB charging cable, carrying pouch, user guide and warranty card.

BH 200 4 BH200 5



What are the features I like about BH200? 

BH200 2

Superior Audio Performance: BH200 uses Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 for superior performance using aptX Hi-Fi quality stereo codec.

No fuss, easy to control, straight- to- the- point design. There’re only three control buttons:  1. power/play/pause/answer button, 2. the volume up/next button and 3. volume down/previous button. On the right earpiece (labeled R) is the USB charging port. An LED indicator near the Volume-up/ Next button will signal you if the device is charging, and goes off when it’s fully charged. In short, BH200 is user friendly and not complicated at all. 🙂

Comfort for all. The unit came with 4 pairs of ear tips and 3 sets of ear stabilizers of different shapes and sizes. Use the pair that best fit you and gives the best comfort.  Slack wire problems can also be solved with the cord management clip.

Hands Free calls. The unit has a built in microphone with noise cancellation.

Long Battery Life. 8-10 hour of non stop music (240 hours standby time)

Reasonable Price: Playground PH’s BH200 retails at only 1,590Php in Cebu (Price as of July 10, 2015).

Anything else about BH200? 

The manual says that the bluetooth parameters effective distance is about 33 feet. Farthest I got with a clear connection was 18 feet away from the source. Connection got cut off farther than 18feet.  But hey, that’s not bad at all.

What if I have any trouble with my unit? 

We just love a brand with a great customer after sales support.  What if my unit got busted? Is there any way I can have it fixed or claim my free replacement/ service during the warranty period? These are some questions our subconscious mind bugs our very own selves before buying any electronics or appliance. I remember buying a SC earbud  2 years ago which costs about 1,400php. The color and design had me saying in my head, “Shut Up and take my money;”  bought ’em without any hesitation and used it the next day. At the gym, I was doing my first rep on the tricep machine – didn’t notice the wire got looped with the handle,  pushed it down and baaam, the wire connecting the right earpiece with the volume control snapped. So right after gym session, went to the store where I bought ’em and asked if it was still under warranty, but unfortunately for me, damages due to being a dim-wit isn’t covered. hahaha.

For Playground PH support and repairs, you can directly go to the stores where you bought your Playground PH device or you can get in touch with them via their social media accounts: facebookinstagram and twitter  for more information and support. Though I haven’t had any trouble with my unit yet, I thought I’d give myself (and everyone else who is reading this tech review) a reference. 😉

Where can I buy BH200 in Cebu?

Playground PH products are available at Junrex stores, RC Goldline, Hobby Extreme Parkmall and USB World Ayala.

Read and know more about Playground PH products by visiting their  Facebook Page.

Intel Ivy Bridge Launch

By: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje   | Photos: Reymond Buenaviaje


Last year when Intel launched the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, Sandy Bridge, gave you first hand information from the Intel Philippines management about their fastest processor yet. This year, Intel had launched an even faster and powerful processor! Oh hello there,  Intel Ivy Bridge! 

Intel's Marketing Manager Randy Kanapi

Cebu City Philippines, June 28, 2012. Intel Philippines Marketing Manager, Randy Kanapi introduced the quad core 3rd generation Intel Core processor family, which delivers dramatic visual and performance computing gains for gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users alike, during a keynote address at the intel Ivy Bridge launch in Cebu. Available now in high end desktop, laptop and all-in-one (AIO) designs, the new processors are the first chips in the world made using Intel’s 22-nanometer (mm) 3-D tri-Gate technology.

Intel Ivy Bridge


With as much as 20% microprocessor performance improvements and technologies to speed the flow of data to and from the chips, the new processors further extend Intel’s overall performance leadership, meaning we enjoy creating and editing videos and photos, surfing the web, watching HD movies or playing mainstream games – quicker, crispier and more life-like.


Our life experience are defined by our senses – by what we see, hear or touch, ” said by Intel’s Country Manager Ricky Banaag, who wasn’t able to join us that day because of flight problems. “These human senses are also at the foundation of Intel’s vision for the Ultrabook to deliver a no-compromise, must have computing experience.”


Germyn Wong Intel Philippines' Market Development Manager

Also a highlight on the launch is the sleek Ultrabook. Ultrabook devices are powered by the new 3rd generation Intel Core processors deliver up to 2 times the media and graphics performance compared to the previous generation, lobg battery life and offer more choice of stylish thin designs.


This new wave of ultrabook devices wakes up in a flash, meaning systems will transition from hibernation mode to an active state in less than 7 seconds and will also load favorite applications quickly.

Ultrabooks are also equipped with enhanced security features, including anti Theft technology that lets the user automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen.




HTC One Series Launches in Cebu

Most of us here in the Philippines carry two mobile phones (well for most people I know, 😛 ), each phone serviced by a different provider –  one mobile phone registered to unlimited calling to numbers of the same network and the other phone as backup when network of mobile phone number one fails. I am a self confessed apple lover but actually considered getting an android as a secondary phone.  Last year, I purchased a Sony Arc which after 2 months I gave to my brother Edd and went back to having my old iPhone 3G as my secondary phone. It just didn’t outsmart the iPhone.

April 19, 2012, HTC unveiled its new HTC One Series with the HTC One V and HTC One X representing HTC’s most premium mobile experience.

HTC One V - Suggested Retail Pice is PHP15,990

See HTC One V technical specifications here:


HTC One X - Suggested Retail Price is at PHP32, 990

See HTC One X Technical Specifications here:


Though I wasn’t able to try out the HTC One V and X during the launch, but HTC promises an amazing camera ( with 8mp back camera with LED and 1.3mp fromt camera super fast capture with .7 seconds to capture a picture, and you can capture a photo and shoot video at the same time.) and  authentic sound with Beats by Dr. Dre.


Sounds interesting! But will I trade my iPhone 4S for an HTC One? hmmmmm. Needs more digging! How about you, would you trade your iPhone 4S  for an HTC One? Which would you prefer an iPhone 4S or an HTC One?


2nd Generation Intel Core Cebu Launch

April 12, 2011, Cebu City –  Marks the launch of the much anticipated, game changing 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, adding a number of visually stunning features built into the chips through processor graphics.

Randy Kanapi- Marketing Manager Intel Phils.

“The computing performance and capabilities of the 2ND GENERATION INTEL CORE PROCESSORS represents the biggest advance over previous generations,” Navin Shenoy, vice president and APAC general manager, Intel. “The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are perfectly suited for Filipinos’ visual lifestyle, particularly in light of the market’s talent for producing video content that is shared worldwide through Youtube, Facebook and other sites. This new family of processors from Intel will revolutionize the PC experience in a way that is obvious for every user to see and appreciate visibly smarter performance.”

Calum Chisholm - Intel Philippines

The 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor family is the first visibly smart microarchitecture to combine visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip. Incorporating the newly architected Intel HD Graphics on each 32nn die enables significant graphics performance improvements over previous- generationand yet still offer great battery life and the ability to design thinner, lighter and more innovative laptops and all-in-one PCS.

Jermyn Wong- Market Development Manager Intel Phils

Smart performace, energy efficient and intelligence merged! The Intel Core 15 and i7 also include the enhanced Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.The feature automatically reallocates processor core and processor graphics resources to accelerate performance, giving users an immediate performance boost when and where it’s needed.

2nd Gen Core i5 on a Sony Vaio

2nd Gen Core i7 on a Samsung Laptop

The New iPad2

Holy shn*tzel! Apple had launched the iPad2!

9 happy months with my iPad and I thought mediocre little me would not want any other tablet, until the buzz about the new iPad2 (which was launched March 2, 2011)!

Doyzkie's iPad

As per the Apple website,  its 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the first generation iPad. Like the iPhone4 it comes with dual camera for FaceTime and HD video recording. iPad2 has 2 powerful cores and faster graphics with it’s new dual core A5 Chip, meaning better surfing, better watching, better gaming and better everything!


My hands are itching to get my hands on the new iPad2! It is set to be released out in the market March 11, 2011.