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Greenwich Pizza Thins

Greenwich Pizza Thins





Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan

Tel: (032) 268-0056
Gaisano Grand Mall, Basak, Lapu-lapu City


Gaisano Mactan

Tel: (032) 340-1963

Gaisano Mactan Commercial Complex, Pusok, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu


Gaisano Grand Mall of Mandaue

 G/F Gaisano Grand Mall Mandaue, A. del Rosario Street, Centro Mandaue Cebu


SM Cebu

 Tel: (032) 231-7108
SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City


SM City Consolacion

GF SM City Consolacion, Cebu Northroad Barangay, Lamac Consolacion, Cebu


Raintree Mall 

Tel: (032) 254-1000 / 254-09631
GF Raintree Mall, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City

Ayala CenterTel: (032) 232-2259
3rd Level Ayala Center Cebu Business Park, Cebu City


Gaisano Tabunok

 Tel: (032) 272-1550 / 273-1782
G/F Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Tabunok, Talisay, Cebu

Get Juicyfied: Drink your Wellness!

Day 1 (March 10, 2014). Currently braving the  Juicyfied Reboot Challenge, that’s 3 days with no solid food and just  Juicyfied Organic Juices!And just in case  I get hungry, eating green apple, nuts, avocado or banana is allowed during the 3 day detox period.

So what’re the benefits of juicing exactly? Aside from having healthy glowing skin, it aids to better digestion, gives you a lighter feeling,healthy weight loss, more energy and vitality, regular bowel movement and healthier body.

Follow the simple steps  for Juicyfied Detox Day 1. ^_^


Jucified Cebu

Jucified Cebu


Upon rising in the morning, I  had a cup of detox tea (tea bag provided in the kit) and then followed the  juice to drink according to the instructions.

Breakfast: Tink (Apple + Celery + Cucumber + Lemon + Pineapple + Spinach)

AM Snacks: White Candy ( Almond + Milk +Chia Seeds +Agave + Vanilla + Sea Salt)

Lunch: Bolt ( Apple + Cucumber + Kale + Lemon + Orange)

PM Snacks: Tangerine ( Apple + Carrots + Mint + Mint + Pear + Pineapple)

Mid Snacks: Revitalized (Apple + Beets + Cucumber + Watermelon)

Dinner: Grinch (Apple + Carrots + Celery + Cucumber + Lettuce + Parsley)

Then a cup of organic Chamomile tea (tea bag provided in the kit) 2 hours before I retire to bed to promote a restful sleep.


Jucified Cebu

Jucified Cebu

Day 2 (March 11, 2014) : Hurrah! Juicyfied Reboot Program Day 1 complete , and am giving myself a good pat on the back for my awesome self control. ^_^ The first day went fairly well. Though I got tempted to take a bite on  my favorite dessert, but I had a green apple handy to suppress the craving. And no, the cravings isn’t because am hungry, I just find a slice of red velvet cake really tempting. hahaha.

I love fruits and vegetables and drinking each bottle of Juicyfied would be like gulping on a fruit slush. But for those who can’t take the smell and taste of greens, a little tip, cover your nose and drink it straight. ^_^

Favorite juices on this set are White Candy and Tangerine!

Juicyfied Day 2

Juicyfied Day 2

Now on day two, it’s time to Power Up!  Again, a cup of detox tea (tea bag provided in the kit) upon rising up. And juice meals follows every two hours. Follow the order below.

Breakfast: Purple Mist (Apple + Beets+ Carrots + Lemon + Celery + Ginger)

AM Snacks: Sunrizer ( Apple + Cucumber + Orange)

Lunch: Green Salad ( Apple + Cucumber + Kale + Lemon + Lettuce+Spinach)

PM Snacks: Posh ( Apple + Grapes + Pear + Strawberry)

Mid Snacks: Chocoholic(Almond Milk+ Agave + Cocoa + Vanilla+Sea salt + Chia Seeds)

Dinner: Green Delight (Apple + Carrots + Cucumber + Kale + Parsley)

Then a cup of organic Chamomile tea (provided in the kit) 2 hours before I retire to bed to promote a restful sleep.


Day 3 (March 12, 2013). And now on my last day, Detox Day! 2nd day was the “getting the hang of it” moment. Rarely get sweet cravings now, though I almost grabbed a Starbucks during last night’s meeting but gladly juicing god snapped me back to the juicing world. hahaha. That feeling of lightness is something I felt instantly on my second day, but still have the energy to do my daily tasks.  My favorite Juicyfied Power Up Juices are Posh and Chocoholic! ^_^

Juicyfied Day 3

Juicyfied Day 3


Day 3: Reboot!  A cup of Cleansing tea (tea bag provided in the kit) upon rising up. And juice meals follows every two hours. Follow the order below.

Breakfast: GTox (Apple + Lettuce + Ginger + Lemon + Lettuce + Parsley + Spinach)

AM Snacks:Pink Power ( Grapes + Lemon +Strawberry + Watermelon)

Lunch: Rainforest ( Apple + Celery +Cucumber +Ginger + Lemon + Spinach)

PM Snacks: Clarion ( Orange+ Pineapple + Spinach+ Strawberry)

Mid Snacks: Power Cleanse (Lemon+ Sparkling Water + Agave +Cayenne+Ginger)

Dinner: Fairy Mary (Apple + Cucumber +Ginger +Lemon + Lettuce + Mint)

Then a cup of Skin Detox tea (provided in the kit) 2 hours before I retire to bed.

March 13, 2014. I woke up and weighed myself and  I lost 1.3kg after taking Juicyfied 3-day Reboot program! And the feeling of lightness comes as a plus! Now am more motivated to eat healthy, drink the right supplements and exercise. And favorite 3rd day concoctions are Juicyfied’s Pink Power and Clarion!


And the potential side effects listed on the leaflets when doing the program, didn’t get to feel them. ^_^

Definitely recommended for everyone who wants to achieve their ideal weight, stay healthy or to detoxify their bodies  to try Juicyfied 3-day Reboot Program!

For inquiries or order pls call or text 09065085064. FOR CLEANSING OR DETOX PROGRAM

La Bella Napoli Delivery

La Bella Napoli Delivery Service 

Contact Numbers:

Mactan (Karancho Marbiago) – 032- 494-0199 / 033-3187130

Gorordo (Koa Tree House) – 032- 4122046

Talamban (Piazza Elisea) – 032-412-0539

Mabolo (The Gallery) – 032- 412-0200


Cebu is blessed with great Italian restaurants that serves delightfully great pizzas and pastas but at affordable prices. La Bella Napoli is one of our personal favorite Italian restaurants in Cebu. With them having 3 branches in Cebu City and one closer to home in Mactan,our pizza cravings is satisfied with just a phone call away. 😉  Delivery charge is at 50php.


La Bella Napoli



La Bella Napoli Arugula Pizza (Family -15" at 315php)

La Bella Napoli Arugula Pizza


La Bella Napoli Menu

Alberto’s Pizza Delivery

Store: Alberto’s Pizza

Branches’ Delivery Contact Numbers:

B. Rodriguez: 2540042/5831110/ 09233753516

Mabolo: 2314628 /09228228497

P. Del Rosario: 2547899/09228443878

Colon: 5817534/ 09232303447

M. Velez St.  5182020/ 09228295005

Punta Princesa: 5828544/ 09239068717

Pardo: 2687678/ 09228295855

AS Fortuna: 3456662/ 09228899920

Talamban: 3458802 / 09237196633

 Canduman: 5831102/09237196636

AC Cortes, Mandaue: 3456827/ 09233350838

 Consolacion: 2688811/ 09233350848

Pusok, Lapu-lapu City: 3410649/ 09228909015

  Poblacion, Lapu-lapu City: 4957715/09238884282

Basak Lapu-lapu City: 2688617/ 09336603908

Talisay: 2383250/ 09225991920

Minglanilla 5121675/ 09228932929

Naga:  2735778/ 09228912929

Toledo: 3225011/ 09228313878

Website:  (online ordering now available!) 


Alberto's Box

Had my first bite of Alberto’s way back in 2008 when the buzz about their pizza was at it’s peak. Alberto’s Pizza is a Cebu grown pizza company  known for affordable pizza which I personally think have a very Pinoy/Filipino taste. Thin crust pizza, in a thin layer of sweet  sauce, quick-melt or mozzarella cheese and fresh toppings. Quick and affordable grub. Price ranges from 75-149php for the 9 inch pizzas and 115-249php for the 11 inch pizzas.

Alberto's Bacon Special

Alberto’s Bacon Special with Quick-melt Cheese (136php). Bacon, mushroom, ground meat, tomatoes and onion.

Pizza Supreme with Mozzarella

Alberto’s Pizza Supreme with Mozzarella Cheese (160php). Pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, onions, pineapple tidbits, black olives and green bell pepper.

Personal Favorite: Shawarma Pizza and Full House. ^_^