KPub BBQ Cebu

The country’s biggest Korean meat-all-you-can restaurant is now open in Cebu. KPub  BBQ Meat-All-You-Can restaurant brings downtown Seoul to Cebu with authentic Korean barbecue fused with bright and vibrant KPop energy.



KPub BBQ can seat up to 350 people over an expansive 600 square meter space, with 6 VIP rooms which can accommodate 10 guests and can be fused for bigger functions or gatherings.




So what are the Meat-All-You-Can Packages at KPub BBQ? 

There are four KPub BBQ Meat-all-you-can packages to Choose from: (1) Eat and Run (2) Eat and Run Level Up (3) No Limits (4) To the Max.

(1) KPub BBQ’s Eat and Run Package, PhP499+ per person

  Eat and Run Package includes an hour of unlimited servings of seven signature meat dishes: beef sukiyaki, pork belly, Korean-style bacon, marinated pork belly in sweet and spicy sauce, marinated pork chop, marinated chicken in sweet and spicy sauce and marinated chicken in sweet soy sauce. The package also includes a choice of kimchi fried rice or steamed rice, kimchi panjeon (Korean pancake, house salad, letuce, soup of the day and side dishes such as cabbage kimchi, mashed potato with egg, onions with chili, cucumber kimchi, tofu kimchi and anchovies.

(2) KPub BBQ’s Eat and Run Level Up Package, PhP699+ per person

Eat and Run Level Up includes everything on the Eat and Run package plus the following seafood and meat dishes: garlic butter shrimp, marinated fish fillet, japchae, fish tofu, calamari, lamb chorizo and pizza (kimchi and cheese, tomato and cheese, bulgogi or spicy pork.)

(3) KPub BBQ’s No Limits, PhP899+ per person

No Limits Package has all of the 12 signature meat choices included in the set with premium beef selections: marinated beef short rib, marinated cross cut beef short rib, marinated beef slice in sweet soy and marinated pork slice in sweet soy sauce. It also includes dried seaweed roll with kimchi or beef bulgogi and the additions of bibimbap and Korean ice cream. Grilling time is unlimited.

(4) KPub BBQ’s To the Max, PhP999+ per person

To the Max Set includes all of the items on the No Limits Package with two hours of grilling time, plus salmon belly, salmon steak, fresh prawns, crab sticks, tempura platter, seafood pizza, seafood kimbab, seafood japchae, fried dumplings, assorted vegetables and fried spring roll.



And the Korean experience wouldn’t be complete without the double-fried chicken – a cooking style on which the chicken is fried twice for crispier skin, lesser grease yet maintaining its tenderness inside. KPub serves its own version in 4 varieties: Original, Snowing Cheese, Soy and Garlic and Sweet and Spicy.

KPub President and Propreitor George N. Pua shares his excitement on opening their first branch outside Metro Manila. “We are happy to bring the concept of KPub to Cebu, specially now that Korea is becoming a favorite tourist destination of Cebuanos. KPub will bring in the vibrant food and culture for the local market to experience and will be a welcome and unique addition to Cebu’s growing culinary landscape.”

KPub BBQ Cebu is located at the 2nd floor of The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Operating hours is from 10:00AM-11:00PM daily. For inquiries, reservations and function bookings, contact (032) 410-7590.

‘N Door F&B Lounge Cebu

‘N Door Lounge

Address: Unit 108 Mango Square Mall, General Maxilom Avenue Cebu City

Operating Hours: 6PM-6AM everyday

Contact Number: 032 416 1023

Free WiFi: Yes

Parking: Mall Parking


N Door Lounge 5


It was 6PM and might be a bit too early for alcohol, but the “beeritas” was extremely tempting and thought it was just the right antidote for the heat spell we are are currently experiencing. These colorful and playful drinks are specially concocted by the newest restaurant and bar in Mango area – ‘N Door Lounge! These delectable beauties will debut during their soft opening tomorrow, May 22, 2015.

N Door Lounge 6


A great drink would even be much awesome paired with some munchies, and gladly found a perfect match for these beeritas! By the way, beeritas is a hybrid drink with your favorite margarita and a serving of beer in one single dose. Clever huh? So talking about a perfect match, ‘N Door Lounge’s Bulgogi Nacho is great with any of the beeritas. Nachos with minced bulgogi, jalapeño, tomato, onions with cheese, sour cream and hot sauces. Every bite on the nachos you get to taste the sweet light chili flavors of the Mexican jalapeños and sauces with sweet minced Korean bulgogi which was in total harmony. Seriously good with the beeritas!

N Door Lounge 2


And another interesting flavor fusion is ‘N Door  Lounge Kimchi Fries. Everyone’s favorite just got an intriguing twist. It’s French fries topped with minced bulgogi, kimchi, onions, tomato, jalapeño with cheesem sour cream and hot sauces. Yum!


N door lounge 1


‘N Door Lounge also offer a full meal offering dishes ranging from Korean staples to Filipino favorites.

Jeyuk Bokeum (Spicy Pork)  would fire up your appetite. Made with samgyeopsal, carrots, bell pepper, spring onions, cabbage and secret Korean sauce, this delicious dish would make you want to order more rice.

N Door Lounge 3


Spam Cheese Ramen would be a good meal after a night of good drinking and partying. It’s Korean Ramen with cheese and Spam stripes topped with bean sprouts, spring onion and sesame seeds.


N Door Lounge 4



If you are a fan of our local dishes, Filipino favorites like Lechon Kawali and Sisig are also on the menu!

N Door F&B Lounge 7 N Door Lounge 7



With affordable prices and a unique approach to restaurant and bar concept, ‘N Door Lounge would be a great place to chill out anytime of the week. Check ’em out at the ground level of Mango Square Mall. See you there!

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nDoor.Lounge 


BonChon Chicken Cebu

BonChon Chicken Cebu

Restaurant: BonChon Chicken Cebu

Address: 2nd Level The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu

Food: Asian/Korean – American QSR Cuisine

Type of Dining: Fast Casual

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

WiFi: Yes



On October 1, 2012 will be the grand opening BonChon Cebu. The first branch in the Visayas, BonChon Cebu is located at the 2nd floor of The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu.


BonChon Cebu

BonChon,  Korean  for “original village,” is a global restaurant brand that originated in South Korea in 2002. It began making waves in the global arena in 2007 as it entered the US market, captivating the discerning palates of the citizens of New York, San Francisco, Boston, Virginia and New Jersey. It then propelled to international shores with stores in Asia (Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore) quickly following.

BonChon Cebu

BonChon Chicken Philippines opened its first store in November 2012. In just a little over a year with 28 branches in Metro Manila, Bonchon may be considered one of the fastest growing fried Quick Service Restaurant in the country, apart from the biggest Korean-style crispy fried chicken chain locally. As of September 24, 2012, there are 28 BonChon stores in Metro Manila, 1 and Davao and on October the 30th branch in Cebu, which is the second largest branch in the country!

BonChon Chicken Cebu

BonChon serves contemporary Asian/Korean-American Quick Service Restaurant cuisine that highlights the super crispy yet light and non greasy original Korean Fried Chicken secret. While the chicken recipe is tandard in all BonChon outlets worldwide, other items on the menu may vary from one country to another. The Philippines offers the widest range among the international BonCHon community. As a testament to the wide range of the Philippine menu, many locally-developed recips have found their way to international BonChon stores.


BonChon Chicken


The crispy chicken secret that inspired a global cult following: BonChon Chicken is super crispy yet light and not greasy, with hot moist juicy meat, sauced with sumptuous soy garlic or spicy glazed. Spicy Glazed goes well with beer! ^_^


BonChon Fish and Chips


BonChon fish Taco


Two of BonChon seafood offerings which began as a local seasonal offering that have become popular items on the local menu are: BonChon FIsh and Chips ( the brand’s take on the English classic) and the raved about BonChon Fish Taco which was inspired by the California food truck mishmash of Korean and Mexican. Edd and I love BonChon’s Fish Taco! One of our BonChon favorite! Another seafood offering is the Crispy squid rice.


BonChon Beef Bulgogi Over Rice


BonChon Beef Bulgogi in a wrap


BonChon also serves the traditional Bulgogi – Asian style as beef bulgogi over rice, Western style as beef bulgogi in a wrap and the Bonchon style crunchy chicken bulgogi over rice.


KoYo blueberry torte banoffee pie


And who would’t love a sweet ending? Tarty, creamy and cool BonChon’s  Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt) served in alternating layers of graham pie crust and a choice of blueberry torte or Banoffee pie. 🙂


To give our readers a guide on other offerings at BonChon Cebu: Here’s the menu:

BonChon Chicken Cebu Menu


Welcome to Cebu BonChon Chicken! ^_^

BonChon Cebu Mr. Steven Alain Yu with BonChon Philippines Managing Director Scott Tan