La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola

Address: Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Lahug Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 10:30PM Daily

Contact Number:32- 232-6888

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

Parking: Hotel Parking (have your ticket validated when paying bill)

WiFi: Yes (Hotel WiFi)


Treat yourself to a Mediterranean fling with La Gondola’s expanded menu selection showcasing Mediterranean flavors. La Gondola has been known for serving great Southern European – Mediterranean cuisine like delectable brick-oven baked pizzas and appetizing pastas. Serving mainly Italian, now La Gondola broaden the restaurant’s  Mediterranean zing with North African gusto from the region of Morocco and more southern European zest from Spain and France.


La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu


The Mediterranean feast started with a salad and some appetizers. Shaved Vegetable Salad with Herbs and Vinaigrette is refreshingly light with vertical shaves of cucumber with caballero, clitoria, passionfruit and bouganvilla flowers and baby rockets. If youhave been to Bohol Bee Farm, it would resemble more like the BBF’s Flower Salad. 🙂

Shaved Vegetable Salad with Herbs and Vinaigrette. La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

I then moved to the next starter. Hummus, Babaganouj and Tahina with warm Moroccan Bread. We are all familiar with hummus ( mashed chickpeas blended with olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, salt and garlic) But what is a Tahina?  Tahina is sesame seeds combined with chickpeas. So hummus is zesty tangy while Tahina is nutty in flavor. Babaganouj is a levantine dish made from eggplant mixed with onions, tomatoes, olive oil and seasoning.

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

Calamares is believed to have originated in Spain, but some say it’s from Italy. This Southern European comfort food is widely famous around the world and very much loved by Filipinos.  Calamare  (Spain) or Calamari (Italian), however you say it, it’s no argument that this is one of the world’s favorite appetizers.Below is a photo of  La Gondola’s Fried baby Calamari with fresh tomato salsa.

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

Creamy mushroom soup with Parmesan Foam and Truffle Oil. An American classic infused with a Mediterranean favorite, truffle oil.

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola’s Mushroom Risotto with fresh thyme. The hearty Northern Italian dish made with Italian rice cooked with broth into a creamy consistency would take away the gloom in any stormy day.

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu


La Gondola’s Black Paella with Garlic Lemon Sauce. A Valencian dish made with white rice,  mussels, shrimps, baby squid rings made black with cuttlefish/squid ink. And to subtle the “fishy” taste and to avoid the ink to overpower the other seafood components of the dish, garlic and lemon are added.

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

Grilled Angus Beef Tenderloin Steaks with rockets, aged balsamic and roasted potatoes. Yum!

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu

And for dessert, Chocolate Coulant ala mode! A popular dessert in France, with a toasted outer layer, then soft cake on the inner layer and oozing gooey chocolate on the inside. Choco Lava as we locally call it. 🙂

La Gondola Cebu

La Gondola Cebu


Herbs are used mostly on Southern European Cuisine while spices intricately flavor North African food. But whichever culinary region Mediterranean food belongs too, vegetables is constitutional ingredient in Mediterranean dishes.

Taking advantage of Cebu’s land and sea’s bounty, La Gondola can recreate limitless  healthy and flavorful Mediterranean dishes. With the dishes I have sampled so far, I would say my fondness for Mediterranean food grew even more. Can’t wait to try La Gondola’s other  Mediterranean offerings!


Creperie Paris, Cebu

Restaurant: Creperie Paris

Address:  Unit 1 Sonrisa Suites, Juana Osmena St. Capitol 6000 Cebu City

Mode of Payment: Cash Only

Operating Hours: Monday- Thursday: 11:00am -10:00pm

Friday – Saturday : 11:00am-12Midnight

Closed on Sundays


Creperie Paris, Cebu

Creperie Paris, Cebu


After undergoing the Juicyfied 3 day detox program , I am on a hunt for light yet  gratifying meals to stay on track. Satisfied with the results, I plan to eat a bit healthy, well just a bit. hehe. Have been seeing some of my friends posting photos of this new creperie in Capitol Area on instagram and I just have to check it out for myself.


A mini replica of the Eiffel Tower  greets you just before you reach the restaurant’s glass door, which by the way, lights up during the night. The cozy restaurant seats about 30 people. Framed images of Paris are hanged on the walls , select choices of wine on the shelves, big and thick wooden furnitures add up to charm of the restaurant.


Creperie Paris, Cebu

Creperie Paris, Cebu

Creperie Paris, Cebu

Creperie Paris, Cebu


So here’s what I have tried so far.

1. La Cebuana (125php), sweet crepe with slices of sweet Cebu Mangoes drizzled with dark chocolate (or nutella)

2. La poulet-creme (165php), salted crepe made with buckwheat flour with chicken and onions in white cream.

3. La glace Caramel (135php),  sweet crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream, salted caramel and toasted almonds.

The sweet crepes are yellow with pale gold in color. Thin yet moist, it is cooked perfectly. The recommended toppings compliment well with the crepe and with just the right amount. I could use more of the roasted almonds on my La Glace Caramel though. 🙂


The salted crepe is brown and lacy but is moist and soft. The chicken is tender, the white onion gives a sweet kick to the crepe and the white cream made the chicken and the onion compliment each other yielding to one light satisfying meal. The espresso comes with a Creperie paris cookie.


And with the good crepes served in this restaurant, you’d wonder who made ’em. If you peep at the kitchen’s glass window, you’d see a French guy making the crepe!

La Cebuana - Creperie Paris, Cebu

La Cebuana – Creperie Paris, Cebu


La Poulet- Creme - Creperie Paris, Cebu

La Poulet- Creme – Creperie Paris, Cebu


La Glace Caramel- Creperie Paris, Cebu

La Glace Caramel- Creperie Paris, Cebu

Espresso - Creperie Paris

Espresso – Creperie Paris


Creperie Paris

Creperie Paris




La Maison Rose Cebu

Restaurant: La Maison Rose (The Pinkhouse Restaurant)

Address: 371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City (right side of the Mormon’s Temple, when facing the temple)

Telephone Number: 032-2685411

Food: French

Wifi: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash

Time: Open Everyday from  12nn to 3pm for lunch

6:30pm to 1:00am for dinner


La Maison Rose

Another reason why I love Cebu so much is that it may be a small place but dining is never boring here. There’s a lot of hole in the wall restaurants that must be explored. Less than a month old (opened August 4, 2012) , La Maison Rose or The Pinkhouse  Restaurant seats around 40 customers with 2 in-house French chefs. You might wonder why the  2 floor house only seats 40? It’s because the second floor is a French Culinary School.


Entrance to the Pinkhouse restaurant


Restaurant’s facade is highlighted with warm pink-ish lights. Once inside the restaurant, the receptionist will ask if you have a reservation. I suggest you do make a reservation specially on weekends for seats are really limited.Call the number above this article to reserve.  Cozy and intimate, La Maison Rose is a good restaurant to impress a date. 🙂


La Maison Restaurant

Ready to order? La Maison Rose’s waitresses dressed in a pink French maid outfits would hand you out the menu on an iPad, cool huh! 🙂

La Maison Rose Menu

LaMaison Rose Complimentary appetizers – Truffle, Gruyere and Caviar


We started the meal with pasta and salad. We had the truffle coquillettes Pasta, Duck Liver and Goat Cheese Salad.

Truffle Coquillettes Pasta

La Maison Rose Truffle Coquillettes ( A must try! ).  Creamy and cheesy coquilettes or mini macaroni pasta with a line of truffle sauce at the side. Price at 236php.

Goat Cheese Salad

Goat Cheese Salad (Large) Fried goat cheese la ed in honey and topped with bacon served along with a mix of leafy greens. Price 344php. Thinks the bacon a bit too salty and the the salad would be better with more dressing.



Black Pepper Steak

Black Pepper Steak (A must Try!). Thick, juicy US hanger beef steak with pepper crust served with black pepper sauce. Priced at 375php. We like our steak  red and juicy on the inside so we had it done medium rare. Yum!


Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon. Australian beef stewed in wine sauce and beef broth, flavored with boquet garni. The famous traditional French dish priced at 427php.


French Lechon

French Lechon. The french version of the Filipino favorite lechon cooked for eight hours in beer. Price:  373php.  A bit like our lechon paksiw but this one’s lightly sweet and less sour and the meat is so tender.



And dinner would never be complete without dessert. We had Flan Au caramel, yoghurt and  Chocolate Coulant.

Flan Au caramel -79php

French interpretation of Leche Flan, Flan Au Caramel.


La Maison  Chocolate Coulant

This one would be my favorite dessert at La Maison Rose so far. Warm choco cake with a crunchy outside but moist on the inside and the chocolate oozes out of the cake as you slice and break the cake. Sided with white chocolate, caramel and choco syrups.


All Natural plain homemade yogurt served with a coulis of your choice. You can choose from strawberry basil, blackberry, red fruit, mango and honey. Price: 57php. If you like your yogurt a bit sweet, choose honey.


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