George & Peter Lines, Inc.

GP Building, Arellano Blvd. corner V. Gullas Street

Cebu City, Cebu

Telephone: (032) 254-5404, (032) 254-5154, (032) 254-6265

Fax: (032) 254-2102

Website: Not Available

F. J. Palacio Lines, Inc.

Corner Mabini & Zulueta Streets, Cebu City 6000

Main Office Telephone: (032) 255-4540, (032) 255-4538, (032) 254-4540

Passenger Telephone: (032) 254-6629, Freight: (032) 255-5492

Pier 1 Booking: (032) 253-7700

Fax: N/A

Website: http://www.fjpalaciolines.com Email: salesandmarketing@fjpalaciolines.com

Maypalad Shipping Corp.

Serging Osmeña Bldg., corner V. Sotto Street, Cebu City 6000

Telephone: (032) 416-6881, (032) 416-6882, (032) 253-5435

Fax: (032) 253-7004

Website: Not Available

Aznar Shipping Corp.

Room 203, Aznar Building

T. Padilla Street, Cebu City 6000

Telephone: Booking: (032) 234-4624 to 29

Route Schedule Departure
Hagnaya – Sta. Fe Daily 8:30AM
Hagnaya – Sta. Fe Daily 11:30AM
Hagnaya – Sta. Fe Daily 3:30PM
Sta. Fe – Hagnaya Daily 10:15AM
Sta. Fe – Hagnaya Daily 12:45PM
Sta. Fe – Hagnaya Daily 4:30PM
Toledo – San Carlos Daily 6:30AM
Toledo – San Carlos Daily 10:30AM
Toledo – San Carlos Daily 12:00PM
Toledo – San Carlos Daily 2:30PM
Toledo – San Carlos Daily 4:30PM
San Carlos – Toledo Daily 7:30AM
San Carlos – Toledo Daily 9:30AM
San Carlos – Toledo Daily 12:30PM
San Carlos – Toledo Daily 2:30PM
San Carlos – Toledo Daily 3:45PM
Note: Aznar offers, with advance booking, free delivery within Cebu City.
Note: All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Cuardo Alas Navigation Lines Inc.

Location: Lilo-An, Santander, Cebu 6026

Telephone: (032) – 480-9888

Schedule Lilo-An, Santander to Sibulan, Negros Sibulan, Negros to Lilo-An, Santander
Daily 4:30AM 5:00AM
Daily 5:30AM 6:00AM
Daily 6:30AM 7:00AM
Daily 7:30AM 8:00AM
Daily 8:30AM 9:30AM
Daily 9:30AM 10:00AM
Daily 10:30AM 11:00AM
Daily 11:30AM 12:00PM
Daily 12:30PM 1:00PM
Daily 1:30PM 2:00PM
Daily 2:30PM 3:00PM
Daily 3:30PM 4:00PM
Daily 4:30PM 5:00PM
Daily 6:00PM 6:30PM
Daily 7:30PM 8:00PM
Note: All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Weesam Express Fast Ferry

Pier 4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

Telephone: (032) 412-9562, (032) 231-7737

Hotline: (053) 561-0080 Cell: 0917-301-8551, 0922-866-0343

Website: WeeSam Express

Route Schedule Departure
Cebu – Tagbilaran Daily 6:20AM, 9:00AM, 12:00PM

2:00PM, 6:40PM

Tagbilaran – Cebu Daily 7:00AM, 8:45AM, 11:20AM

3:40PM, 4:40PM

Cebu – Ormoc Daily 10:45AM, 4:30PM
Ormoc – Cebu Daily 8:00AM 1:30PM
Bacolod – Iloilo Daily 6:30AM, 8:15AM, 10:15AM,12:15PM, 2:00PM, 3:30PM, 5:10PM
Note: Above schedule became effective 06-March-09

Note: All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

SuperCat Fast Ferry

Pier #4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

Telephone: (032) 234-9630, (032) 234-9631, (032) 234-9632, (032) 234-9633, (032) 234-9634

Passage: (032) 233-7000

Text: 0918-994-2421

Fax: (032) 234-9667

Website: http://www.supercat.com.ph

Route Schedule Departure
Cebu – Ormoc Daily 5:45AM
Cebu – Ormoc Daily 11:00AM
Cebu – Ormoc Daily 4:40PM
Ormoc – Cebu Daily 8:20AM
Ormoc – Cebu Daily 1:45PM
Ormoc – Cebu Daily 7:15PM
Cebu – Tagbilaran Daily 8:30AM
Cebu – Tagbilaran Daily 12:30AM
Cebu – Tagbilaran Daily 4:30PM
Tagbilaran – Cebu Daily 10:30AM
Tagbilaran – Cebu Daily 2:30PM
Tagbilaran – Cebu Daily 6:30PM
Note: All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.