January 11, 2012 marked the date of the crowning of the new Miss Cebu. Twelve (12) lovely Cebuanas poised and corroborated that they all deserved to be ambassadresses of Cebu. The Miss Cebu 2012 candidates were first welcomed by the crowd in their resort wear from designers Rey Humberto, Pewee Senining, Hadji Godinez and Ivan Belocura.


Ms. Cebu 2012 Candidates


Contestants then were in gowns designed by Cebu’s most celebrated designers (Pictures in the Photo Gallery).

Contestant No. 1: Michelle Angelique Tan in Jun Escario

Contestant No. 2 Ann Caryl Gotingco in Jojo Romoff

Contestant No. 3 Mary Hazel Haruka Watabe in Ren Manabat

Contestant No. 4 Rachel Chloe Palang in Oj Hofer

Contestant No. 5 Cynthia Lois Tac-an in Wendell Quisido

Contestant No. 6 Pierre Anther Infante in Cary Santiago

Contestant No. 7 Ella Beverly Sarmago in Harley Ruedas

Contestant No. 8 Herle Kim Artugue in Arcy Gayatin

Contestant No. 9 April Ann Clair White in Philip Tampus

COntestant No. 10 Jonnie Rose Louise Wee in Dino Lloren

Contestant No. 11 Shannen Abarquez in Albert Arriba

Contestant No. 12 Lesly Anne P. Fernandez in Marichu Tan


Special Awards were then accoladed:

Kapamilya Star of the Night: Contestant No. 7 Ella Beverly Sarmago

Ms. Photogenic: Contestant No. 1 Michelle Angelique Tan

Best in Evening Gown: Contestant No. 6 Pierre Anther Infante


Best Evening Gown Designer: Cary Santiago


Ms. Cebu 2012 Top 5: Contestant No. 6 Ms. Infante, Contestant No. 4 Ms. Palang, Contestant No. 10 Ms.  Wee, Contestant No. 8 Ms. Artugue and Contestant No. 7 Ms. Sarmago

Contestant No. 6 Ms. Pierre Anther Infante is 21 years old and is from Southwestern University and graduated AB MassCom. She weighs 121lbs. and stands  5’4 1/2″.

Contestant No. 4 Ms. Rachel Chloe Palang is 23 years old , graduated BA- MassCom from the University of the Philippines and works as an account executive at DHL Express Philippines. She is 5’4″ in height and weighs 102 lbs.

Contestant No. 10 Ms. Jonnie Rose Luoise Wee is 19 years of age stands 5’5 1/2″ and weighs 122lbs.  She is studying BS Nursing at Velez College.

Contestant No. 8 Ms. Herle Kim Artugue is 20 years old studying BS Nursing at the University of San Carlos. She weighs 122 lbs. and stands 5’4 3/4″.

Contestant No. 7 Ms. Ella Beverly Sarmago is  21 years old and is a Marketing Communications officer at Robinson Land Corp. She Graduated Business Administration at the University of the Philippines. She weighs 118lbs. and stands 5’4 1/2″.



Ms. Cebu 2011 Ms. Mia Zeeba Faridon and her court

 Ms. Cebu 2012 4th Runner up is Contestant No. 8 Ms. Herle Kim Artugue

Ms. Cebu 2012 3rd Runner up is Ms. Jonnie Rose Louise Wee

Ms. Cebu 2012 2nd Runner up: Contestant No. 7 Ms. Ella Beverly Sarmago

7 Ms. Sarmago

Ms. Cebu 2012 1st Runner Up: Ms. Rachel Chloe Palang

And our Ms. Cebu 2012 is Contestant Number 6: Ms. Pierre Anther G. Infante

Ms. Cebu 2012 Pierre Anther G. Infante




TEXT AND PHOTOS BY: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje