Ms. Cebu 2012 Candidates

November 22, 2011. Cebu City Government through Cebu City Tourism Commision and Cebu City Tourism Foundation presented to the the media the 12 candidates for Ms. Cebu 2012 at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. We got a chance to get to know more about the candidates  through a short question and answer.

Below are answers which I personally find honest, sincere and witty from the Cebuana beauties which caught my attention(summarized answer):

Question: Which advocacy would you pursue and why?

Contestant No. 4: Rachel Chloe T. Palang answered that she would focus in culture and history of Cebu and the Cebuanos for if we          know our roots and have the right knowledge of our culture then we would better understand and appreciate the beauty of being a Cebuano.

Question: What is the advantage of being beautiful?

Contestant No. 2: Ann Caryl S. Gotingco answered that getting away with almost anything like parking and traffic violation tickets.


So go ahead and take a glimpse of our Cebuana contestants for Miss Cebu 2012. Who you guys betting for? 🙂