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Celebrating it’s 29th year as a pageant, Miss Cebu continues to present to the world the true beauty of a Cebuana.



Miss Cebu 2013 Poster

Miss Cebu, has not only been an event Cebuanos look forward to, but has also been an effective vehicle to establish good international relations especially with countries like Japan, Australia and Korea among others.


After 29 years since its inception, the quality of the women has been consistent. Brains come first before beauty because Cebuano is known for being more than just a pretty face. Consistently Miss Cebu has produced national and international beauty queens, world class models and individuals who excel  and stand out in different fields.

Miss Cebu displays all these characteristics in her everyday life both as an individual, with the hope of advancing her career, her personal humanitarian goals, and a woman, seeking to improve the lives of others in her community.

Miss Cebu is Cebu City’s Official Search for the Representative and Spokesperson of the city of Cebu. So are you ready to meet the 12 candidates for Miss Cebu 2013?

Here they are:


Miss Cebu 2013 Candidates


19th of November 2012, a press conference was held at the Marriot Hotel for the media to get to know the candidates better. A 2 hour question and  answer session with the media and Cebu  City Mayor Mike Rama, the girls relayed their answers confidently and with intelligence.


Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama directed a question to each candidate  on what they think are the 3 major problems of the city the government should focus on solving.

Miss Cebu 2013 Candidates

Candidate No.  1: Ms. Marie Ann Maraon -Generate jobs, Education and  Healthcare.

Candidate No. 2: Therese Christine Llamada-  free education, proper handling of strret children, health benefits

Candidate No 3: Janessa Fe Alcarez: Quality education, healthcare, poverty

Candidate No. 4: Jehanne Frances Dy – urban poor, illiteracy, proper exposure to our rights to free health care

Candidate No. 5:  Marivee Ann Velasquez – education environment, security

Candidate No. 6: Reinalyn Nonol  – povecrty, healthcare, drug abuse

Candidate No. 7: Patricia Ann Estuart – relocation of urban poor, free medical service, education

Candidate No. 8: Namrata Neesha – poverty, unemployment, lack of education

Candiate No. 9: Ely Rose Apple Angcon – (left the press con early for a flight)

Candidate No. 10: Maria Gigante – ethics education, nationalistic pride, environment

Candidate No. 11: Maebelle Erica Barro – sanitaion, improvement of public school, healthcare system

Candidate No. 12: Mary Lorens Goyenechea – Environmental Issues, Poverty and Education.


Watch Miss Cebu 2013 Coronoation Night on January 16, 2013, Wednesday at Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. (PHOTOS BY JOSEPH ONG)