Marco Polo Cebu had been bringing in different flavors from around the globe! Now they’re bringing us to a gastronomic adventure to Britanny France. Britanny, an administrative and cultural region in the northwest of France, has a rich heritage and of course flavors!
Known for their white wines, cider English tea (Britanny is the 2nd largest cider producer in France) crepes and pink granite coast, Marco Polo Cebu is not wrong bringing Britanny’s food and culture in Cebu!

French Creperie Soiree, Beaujolais French Film and Music presented by Marco Polo Cebu is a celebration of the culture and heritage through food, music and movie sharing French goodness to Cebuanos!
Cheese master giving a talk about cheeses!
A variety of cheeses for every cheese lover’s cravings!
I had a serving of 8 different cheeses that day!
(Dark cloud appearing) buwahaha
Fresh french scallops with cheese and parsley and red bell peppers!
Squid rings stuffed with meat in a red light sauce garnished with spring onions! Yum!
Crepe with french butter in a light ginger white wine sauce!
Dessert Dessert! My fave! Macaroons I love!

You can have a taste of Britanny France by dining at Cafe Marco! Call 32 253 1111 for reservations
or call 8888 168 toll free if your in Manila.

Thanks to Belle for the invite!