MYOH 2014
MYOH 2014

Home to the much celebrated World Cup 2014 and most decorated national football team in the world, the biggest sand most festive street party- the Carnavale and the spirited samba dance among others, Brazil is a cultural melting pot of ethnicities that has cultivated a very vibrant and lively street culture.


To quote Vogue, “Brazilians have the ability to make a party out of nothing, and then make it the most exciting night you’ve ever had.” The world’s favorite flip-flops brand is set to make that come alive and give Cebu a taste of the festive Brazilian vibe at this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas.


This August 1-3 at the Activity Center of the Ayala Center Cebu, the much awaited #MYOHCebu2014 gives everyone the creative license to revel in the ultimate celebration of self-expression.  Entrance is free and everyone is welcome to customize their own Havaianas and celebrate the streets of Brazil from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Now on its ninth year, Make Your Own Havaianas returns to its Brazilian roots. After all, flip-flops were made to perfectly complement the Brazilian vibrant lifestyle: vivacious, expressive, adventurous, and always the life of the party. The thrill in this full-customization event comes in the ability to mix and match everything: from the soles and the straps, to color combinations inspired by street art, and to the fun limited edition pins – this year all exhibiting everything Brazil from the beats to the wildlife, flavors and beaches, to symbols representing summer fun. Classic staples include geometric and crystal pins plus to give some local flavor, a special Cebu pin designed by renowned Cebuano furniture designer Vito Selma will be available.


Inspired by a 200-year old tradition from Brazil, this year’s commemorative pair features colorful Bonfim wish ribbons that are worn for good luck. The print wishes every wearer Alegria, Diversao, Empolgacao, Euforia, and Felicidade or Joy, Amusement, Excitement, Euphoria and Bliss – true to the Havaianas “always summer” spirit.


Havaianas encourages everyone to be as daring as the Brazilians when customizing their flip-flops.  “Brazilian culture is all about self expression, and not being ashamed of how vividly you express it.” Anne Gonzalez, Terry SA Managing Director shares with Brand Development Group Director Ammiel De Leon adding, “Think of how the Brazilians would do it—always bold and fun in style and a natural stand out.”


As you enter this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas Brazilian Carnavale, come in your most festive always summerattires and allow the Brazilian roots of Havaianas to unleash the creativity in you. Then flaunt it, the Brazilian way. to virtually customize your pair before the big day and for more details.

See you all at Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 at Ayala Center Cebu from August 1-3, 2014.