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MACTAN, CEBU –implemented last Monday 18th May 2015, the taxi boarding bays for white cabs is now at the Arrivals level of Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located next to the Domestic Arrivals area. The previous location for white taxi boarding bays was at the Departures level of the airport which was a bit of a hassle for passengers because they have to walk up a steep stairway to get a metered cab ride.


GMR- Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. (GMCAC), the private company that operates the terminal operations of the airport under a Public-Private Partnership, has invested in the creation of the new white taxi boarding bay facility to facilitate the seamless flow when boarding the taxis. The new location is more easily accessible to arriving passengers, as there is no longer a need to walk up to the Departures level to board a white taxi.


The new white taxi boarding bay facility is able to accommodate the simultaneous boarding of up to 10 passengers at a time as compared to the boarding of one-taxi-at-a-time from the current location.


“The new white taxi boarding bay is a response to the needs of our passengers who deserve a more convenient way of boarding white taxis. With the creation of this facility, no taxi boarding will be permitted at the Departures level,” said Andrew Acquaah-Harrison, GMCAC Chief Executive Advisor.


In the past, arriving passengers seeking white taxis needed to cross the street from the Arrivals level and go up the ramp to the Departures level carrying along their luggage. “With the new white taxi boarding bay facility we hope to improve the convenience of our passengers and visitors in line with the company’s vision to making Mactan-Cebu International Airport a customer friendly and efficient gateway to their destination,” Harrison said.